New edition of ‘Caravan Parks Australia Wide’, Australia’s most comprehensive Caravan & Tourist park guide for the RV traveller

The most comprehensive guide to Australia’s caravan and tourist parks has just released a brand new edition, packed full of new insights and details.

Now in its fourth edition, Caravan Parks Australia Wide is the go-to reference for anyone exploring the great southern land with a recreational vehicle or caravan trailer.

Caravan Parks Australia Wide 4th Edition contains easy references for caravan and tourism parks right across Australia, enabling caravan users and road trippers to access the best parts of the nation with thoroughly up to date information.

Each entry provides clear guidance on whether facilities are pet friendly and what amenities are offered with easy to use symbols identifying their locations.

The guide also notes each park’s affiliation, whether it’s independently run or associated with a larger group, such as Big4. This allows people to make informed choices and tailor their own experiences down to a tee.

There are comprehensive maps of each Australian state showing highlights for sightseeing as well as the exact positions of caravan and tourism parks for easy reference.

A company spokesperson for Caravan Parks Australia Wide 4th Edition said the new book has been painstakingly researched to provide the best user experience.

“Caravan Parks Australia Wide is researched and produced by the team at Camps Australia Wide,” they said.

With Caravan Parks Australia Wide 4th Edition now available, those explorers will have the most comprehensive guide to seeing the land down under in an unforgettable way.

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