Living history: World War II Tank Traps at Thunderbolt’s Gully, New South Wales

We found this fascinating! Just north of Tenterfield, you’ll see the signs and a concrete wall (built to prevent tanks bypassing the road) on one side and huge boulders on the other.

The then gravel road was full of holes from exploding mines.

World War II Tank Traps at Thunderbolt's Gully

Wooden posts were there to force tanks to rise up and expose their underbelly – and it was part of the alleged ‘Brisbane Line’. 10,000 troops were stationed at 3 km south!

World War II Tank Traps at Thunderbolt's Gully

The rock fall further down from the posts was from rocks blasted up higher to make the passage more difficult for the enemy. Drill holes can be seen in the fallen rock. After the war, you could still see the concrete pipes that held explosives, protruding through the surface!

The terrain and caves were also handy for bushrangers, with Captain Thunderbolt’s hideout further along! Plus the site is known as Thunderbolt’s Gully, a perfect spot for an ambush! 

You can leave your vehicle at the Thunderbolt’s Hideout sign and follow a 300m track to the lair. The top of the rock was a lookout, as it was the main road to Warwick in gold mining times.

We recommend collecting the information sheet on these sites from Visitor Centre in Tenterfield or Stanthorpe. 

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