Find out how to locate the perfect stay for your next adventure. We have also included a few trouble-shooting points to help guarantee you find the stay for you.

There are four ways to locate a site –

Search – Use the search feature, which is located at the top of the main Map If you know the name of a site, simply type the name where prompted. Tap on the site name to view the site information. If you don’t know the name of the site, type in the name of the city/town and search through the results listed for sites in that city/town via the drop down list. Alternatively, tap the name of the city/town at the bottom of the list then use the map to navigate sites in the selected area.

Filter – In the Search bar there is a filter button. Tap this and open filter options which you can select to customise your search based on specific site types, facilities, amenities or site features you are looking for. Once you have made your selection and applied the filter the map will show sites matching your criteria. Read more about using Filters here.

Map – Using the Map, pinch to zoom into the area you want to search and tap the site icons to view the site information.

List – Use the List view to view a list of sites related to your search or if no search terms are entered, a list of sites based on your filter options. Tap on the site name to view the site information.

Once you have viewed the site listing, to close the site tap the X in the top left corner.

There are 2 reasons this may occur;

Firstly you may be viewing a remote location on the map where there are simply not sites currently available or where we have been unable to verify a site.

Secondly, you may have filters selected that are hiding sites. See the “How do I use the filters?” tutorial to learn how to turn these off and on. The more filter options you apply, the more specific your search will be, and if no sites or limited sites match your specific set of filter criteria then this is all that is presented to you. By removing some or all or your filter selections then you should start to see sites reappear on the map.

If you believe a site is located in a certain location and we are not showing it on the map then please alert us to this. You can “Suggest a New Site” inside the the app via the Account Menu page or you can suggest a new site here on the website.

The Camps App is not a GPS.

Only a GPS App or GPS navigation system has that function.

All the sites in the Camps App that the user selects in the Camps App use either Google Maps GPS (while they have cellular service) to direct them with turn by turn instructions to the sites.

Once ‘cellular‘ service is lost the Google/Apple Maps will no longer operate and you should switch to Offline Mode to be able to navigate via map.

Please note that all of our Camps Australia Wide data and POI’s are available for purchase for most makes and models of in-car navigation systems. You can view our GPS Download POI and Hema Navigator products here in our shop.

The numbers quoted in the printed guides are not used by the App for navigation.

The books site numbers are related to each state and also for the Camps budget sites as well as the Caravan Parks sites, it would be very confusing to have 7 site no 1’s in the app. Also many book owners will keep older editions as their “bible” for several years and the use of site numbers would cause confusion for all users.

Instead you can search sites recommended by the Camps or Caravan Parks guidebooks, by the name of the site listed, or go the map in the App and check out the locality. Alternatively, buy the book as well – they work really well together. Here’s a post on that: What benefit is there to owning the books, when you already have our App?

Watch our short tutorial about how to start searching for sites

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