On the Explore Tab you will see a row of filter options below the search bar. You can also scroll to the right to reveal more filters. 

The first 6 filters buttons provide you with basic filters to customise your search results and map, to view more advanced filter options please scroll to the right and select Advanced Filters.

These are the filters available:

  • Type: Used to filter different categories of site, ie Overnight Camps, Caravan Parks, Dump Points, farm and station stays etc.
  • Distance: Used to filter sites within certain ranges, ie 20km/50km/100km etc, from your current location.
  • Price: Used to filter sites based on overnight price, ie Free/Donation, Under $25, $26-$40, $40+
  • Pets: Used to filter sites that are suitable for your four legged friends.
  • Suitable for: Used to filter vehicle suitability, ie Campervan, Camper Trailer, Big Rig
  • Fuel: Select from your preferred fuel station options. (Premium Feature which requires a Camps + Membership to unlock)

Further filter options are available via the Advanced Filters section, these include:

  • Accommodation & Sites: Used to filter site features like powered sites, ensuite sites, Drive through sites etc
  • Facilities & Amenities: Used to filter sites by non-essential facilities, ie Toilets, Showers, Drinking Water, Picnic Tables, Fireplaces, BBQ’s, Swimming Pools
  • Connectivity: Used to filter for communication options, ie. Mobile Reception, Wi-Fi
  • Setting & Features: Used to filter sites with Shade, Pleasant views, Children’s playground, swimming
  • Holiday Networks: Used to filter sites based on their parent company, ie. Family Parks, Kui Parks, Big 4 etc.

Simply tap the filter option/s you want to apply. Your selection will be indicated with a green tick. Once you have selected your filters tap the View Results button in the bottom right to apply your filters. Or press Clear All in the bottom left to remove your filter selections. All sites that match the selected categories will now display on the Explore Map or in List View.

For example, to see only Free and Donation sites – select the Type filter below the search bar, tap to select the Overnight Site Free/Donation option, then tap the View Results button at the bottom of the page. You will now see only free/donation overnight sites on the map. Use the same process if you only want to see Caravan Parks or Day use only sites etc. You can apply multiple filters at the same time.

You can further refine your search by filtering by your required facilities, price, connectivity etc. For example, if you only want to see sites with toilets, tap the Toilet box to select then tap the View Results button. Now, only sites with toilets will appear. You can have more than one filter applied at the same time. Simply select all the facilities you would like to have included in your search before hitting the View Results button.

To remove a filter or multiple filters, simply tap the item(s) to unselect (green tick will be removed) and then tap the View results button at the bottom.

To clear all filters select Clear All at the bottom left of the filter menu.

Tap the < Back Arrow in the top left corner to close the filter menu.

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