Homeschooling on the road


Taking your children travelling on the road can be a very rewarding experience for both parents and children. If you are travelling around Australia with children it is important to know homeschooling requirements and also have some fun education road trip games up your sleeve.

On the Road Homeschooling Tips

Homeschooling can be an incredibly rewarding experience for both parents and children. Children will have access to one-on-one teacher support and will also learn how to be self motivated and independent (a skill they will need if they choose to go to enrol in tertiary education).

Homeschooling tips for families on the road:

  • Do it legally: If your children are not going to school it is compulsory for them to be registered for home schooling. A large amount of parents fail to do this and risk facing prosecution. You can register at the Home Education Unit.
  • Follow your child’s interests
  • Make the most of your travels: children can learn a lot travelling, particularly when it comes to geography.
  • Read books or blog posts by other travelling families who are doing homeschooling. This will give you ideas on what works and what doesn’t work.
  • Learn how to make friends quickly and teach your kids the same so that they will have a social life.

Educational games

On those long road trips your children will need something to keep them entertained. Instead of giving them an iPad or electronic game, why not play some classic road trip games that everyone can be involved in? If you need some ideas we have provided a few below.


Alphabet is a great road trip game that is fun and also exercises your children’s memory. The game works by picking a category and a letter and you take it in turns to say something within that category that starts with the chosen letter. For example you could choose the category ‘movies’ and the letter ‘s’ and people would have to come up with movies that begin with that letter– for example ‘Sherlock Holmes’, ‘Star Wars’ etc. When someone can’t come up with a movie they are out and the last person in wins.

Map game

Give each child a map of where you intend to travel as well as some pens and stickers. The children can then follow the trip and put a sticker on places where they saw a landmark or something of interest. This is fun, is a nice way for them to remember the trip and also teaches them how to use a map and to be aware of surroundings.

EncylopeadiaStory Telling

A storytelling game will give your children the opportunity to exercise their imagination. You can either play this game using a journal or simply by speaking. Someone volunteers to go first and they start the story with a title. The next person says the first sentence of the story and you take it in turns to add a sentence each. Writing the story down, or recording it as you go, means that when the game ends you can all listen to the completed tale!

Walking Encyclopedia

This game is a test of how much each player knows about a particular category. Someone picks a category and then each person takes it in turns to name something that fits under that category. If a player can’t come up with something within a certain amount of time (5 or 10 seconds) they are out. The person left standing at the end is the winner.

Benefits of taking your children traveling

If you are contemplating taking your children out of school to travel you may be wondering whether it will be beneficial for them. Although travel can be disruptive to your child’s social life and education in some capacity, there are a wide range of benefits.

  • Travelling offers new experiences and real life learning. Your children will learn about the country first hand and be immersed in history and geography.
  • Travelling fosters new perspectives.
  • Meeting new people will enhance your child’s social skills.
  • It gives your family a great opportunity to bond.
  • Your child will learn to work independently.
  • Your child will gain fond memories that they will remember for a long time to come.



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