FREE online daily games for the Road: Wordle, Worldle, Waffle, Heardle and more!

Here’s some games you can play for free – you just need internet.


Is Wordle a great little camping brain teaser for one (if you have signal) or is it really just a trumped up game of hangman?

(Personally, I love it. And hearing about people’s strategies like using different letters for your second line, favourite start words or changing it up…)

Wordle 269 3/6





My geography teacher dad would have loved this! You have 6 guesses, and after each guess you are pointed in the correct direction with a distance away from the correct country. Hard, but great for kids on the road! 


Similar to Wordle, colours indicate letters in the correct position, or a letter in the wrong place in the right word. By swapping letters you will form six new words. But you need to finish your swaps before you run out, so make each one count! 


Now this is a super daily song challenge. Snippets of the song are progressively played, you can guess or skip. Add the song and artist to win the daily challenge. I once had it right two days in a row on the first go. But lately… no idea! There will be modern songs as well as tunes from older decades.

Also a tip – the NY Times have other daily puzzles as well – I like letterboxed and spelling bee.

A big thanks to the Hodge family for showing me there were more Wordle-like games out there! 


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NY Times Games



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