Easy to find sites with fishing, swimming and 4WD access


In our latest book, CAMPS 11 you’ll find more facilities listed with colourful NEW symbols. You can easily see if you can swim (in waterholes, creeks, dams or the ocean) and fish at a site. You’ll also know it is recommended as 4WD only.

On top of the traditional symbols of CAMPS, we have added some of the symbols that you would find in the Caravan Parks 5 books (like children’s playgrounds and swimming pools).

Previously we had cabins and ensuite cabins in our Caravan Park book – they have been combined into a symbol for onsite accommodation which might include hotel, motel, backpacker, bunkhouses, cottages or chalets! 

In fact, CAMPS 11 and the new Camps Australia Wide App have a dozen NEW symbols just in the listings! This includes donations, pets seasonal, generators, gas bottles, glamping, laundry and games rooms.

All in all, it means travellers like yourself will have more easy to interpret information at your fingertips, to help you decide where to stop for the night.

Pre-order your newly released Camps 11 book today! Simply enter the code: preorderCAW11 and save up to $27!




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