Attention caravan park and campground owners or managers – receive instant bookings via our app

Now that our “Make a Booking” button has been activated in our App, bookings are coming in from all over Australia, including Kings Canyon Resort, Hamelin Bay Holiday Park and Discovery Parks from Airlie Beach to Port Augusta! 

We already list your caravan park or campground at no cost to you – our guides have been around for over two decades! It’s not too late to set up a booking button in your App listing, in partnership with Bookeasy.


So, why have we added a booking button to the App?

We promote camping and Aussie communities – our aim is for people to explore this beautiful country of ours. These direct bookings help us to fund and develop our free App, they make it easy for you as the owner/manager and they make booking sites EASIER and SEAMLESS for our travellers, too. 

Why you should connect?

  1.  We are both well known, respected, wholly owned Aussie companies. When you do business with us you are supporting Australia Owned.
  2.  No overseas partners, no offshore customer service teams (all customer support is here in Australia), so all fees, GST, wages etc stay here.
  3.  There are no fixed fees, it is simple to activate (takes about 5 minutes), payments are processed and any cancellations managed on your behalf, no fuss, then you get paid. There is a 15% booking fee.
  4.  You do not need to change your current booking platform. You can connect your current system with a simple and no fuss process (our team will guide you all the way).  Just tap the OPT-IN button and enter your details
  5.  Launched in 2011, the Camps Australia Wide App is one of the most popular and trusted camping apps in Oz, and you are listed in it and our guides for free!

What do you need to do?

  1. Opt in to the Bookeasy network (click the button below).
  2. Bookeasy will contact you with your account details and they will walk you through the process.
  3. Complete the setup. It is that simple.

So just click the OPT IN button, complete the details and we will have you connected!

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact our local Camps support team based in Rainbow Beach, Qld on 07 5474 2542 or the team at Bookeasy on the Gold Coast 07 5668 2542

Remember to OPT IN to get started!

Heatley and Michelle at Copi Hollow Caravan Park, Menindee Lakes, Outback NSW
Heatley and Michelle at Copi Hollow Caravan Park, Menindee Lakes, Outback NSW

Any more questions?  Here’s the FAQs

Is there any additional cost?
Bookeasy doesn’t charge any listing or membership fees. You will only pay a 15% commission on bookings you receive.

How do you get paid?
Bookeasy collects full payment from guests at the time of booking. Then remit the nett owing to you (less the 15% commission) on a monthly basis.

Why am I paying commission?
A portion of the commission you pay of this is shared back with CAW to reinvest in the app and further improving the experience of our travellers. Bookeasy’s portion of the commission covers their administration costs. Note: You will be supporting local businesses rather than overseas online agents, and all funds remain here in Australia.

How are you notified when you receive a booking?
Bookeasy will send you an email every time you receive a booking.

Can I connect my channel manager/tour management system with Bookeasy?
Absolutely! Bookeasy connects with all the major channel managers and tour management systems. You can see the full list at under ‘channel partners’.

What happens if I or the guest needs assistance with a booking?
You or the guest will contact Bookeasy directly for any assistance, modifications or cancellations to bookings.

I am already in the Bookeasy network?
Great, you do not need to do anything at all.

What is Bookeasy?
Bookeasy is a market-leading system that provides the ‘behind the scenes’ software that powers the booking functionality for destination websites and visitor centres. You can read more about who we are and what we do here. We are Australian owned and operated and are proud to support our local tourism industry.

Visit here for all you need to know about what we think (and we’re told) is Australia’s best and easiest to use camping app! 

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