To add sites to your Favourites list, open the Explore tab, locate your site on the map and tap on its icon. A site preview will pop open over the map. In the top right corner of this pop-up you will see a Heart icon, tap this to add the site to your Favourites list.

Alternatively when viewing a full site listing you can tap the Heart icon in the top right corner to add to Favourites.

Alternatively in the List view;  tap the Heart Icon to the right of the site’s name.

To access your Favourites list, tap the Heart icon located at the top right of the Explore page.

To remove a site from your Favourites tap the Heart icon located in the top right of the Explore page and view your Favourites list. Scroll the list to locate the site/s you want to ‘unfavourite’, then tap the Heart icon to unselect it. Unselecting the icon will remove that site from your Favourites. OR when viewing the site listing page of any favourited site, you can simply tap the Heart icon again to ‘unfavourite’ that site.

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