You’ll Wonder How You Ever Went Without These Easter Camping Tips

Easter eggs

Here’s some “Camping 101” tips for Easter!

Don’t forget the Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns!

– Lionel Mussell from Australian Caravan Club

Easter is fast approaching and there is no better time than the present to start organising a camping trip. If you have been camping before, chances are you will have experienced a hiccup or two somewhere along the way – whether it’s forgotten gear, a leaky tent, bored children or an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. Wouldn’t it be that little bit easier if you had some advice from someone with experience?

To help make your time away as smooth as possible this Easter, we had a chat to some of the best camping bloggers out there. They were kind enough to offer up their top camping tips, allowing us to put together this great guide for you. Happy camping!

 Planning ahead

  • Easter is one of the busiest camping periods of the year and so the real key to a happy experience is to plan ahead. Caravan parks, free camping areas and national park campsites can all get very crowded … even in the remote ones. Plan where you are going to camp well in advance and book ahead (where relevant). If you haven’t camped that location before during a holiday period try to talk to someone who has, perhaps via an internet forum.
  • Bring all the provisions you need for the Easter period. You don’t need the extra hassles of fighting traffic and shopping crowds during your holiday.

-Cindy Gough from The Grey Nomads

  • Take plenty of warm clothes and umbrellas should the weather turn nasty plus books or games if you have to stay inside.

– Lionel Mussell from Australian Caravan Club

Setting up

camping tent
  • Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! Sleeping outdoors can be a great experience and offer you some much needed rest if you invest in a good set-up. Look for a quality, inflatable sleeping mat and pillow, or bring a pillow from home if you are car camping! When you set up your tent, do yourself a favour and lie in it before you peg it down. You might discover a rock between your shoulder blades or that you are lying on an incline. This way you can fix it before you hunker down for the night.

-Meghan J. Ward from The Campsite Blog (Twitter @the_campsite).

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive and set up. It’s best to arrive around lunch time so that you can be unpacked and set up, by the time the sun starts going down. Some campsites are “first in, best dressed” so the early birds will get the best choice of available sites.

-Natalie Birt from Mummy Smiles

  • Younger kids can help by following an adult around with the tent pegs as the tent is being set up or collecting them as they come out of the ground. They can help with setting up chairs, blowing up air mattresses and rolling out their sleeping bags. But the best job of all is getting them to collect firewood, especially if you have some older ones that can help supervise.
  • If you have teenagers they can help setup the tent or camper, put their camp stretchers up, help with putting an awning or shade shelter up and even have a go at pegging it down.

-Melissa Chambers from Camper Trailer Travels

  • Stay relaxed. Your favourite ‘secret’ camping spot might not be such a secret during Easter and you have to expect more activity than normal. Embrace the experience and engage with your fellow campers.
  • If bush camping, or camping in a national park where you can’t book ahead, arrive as early as you can to give yourself the best chance of choosing a site that suits your needs, and perhaps gets you away from the ‘crowds’.

-Cindy Gough from The Grey Nomads

  • Stay warm and safe by taking care when lighting your fire. Prepare the ground beneath the stove/fire to avoid vegetation catching fire. Be aware that roots or other organic matter can lead to the spread of fire away from the original site. Only make your fire on mineral ground, or on a stone foundation.

-Veronica Thorvaldsson from Tentipi

Camps Australia Wide would like to say a big thank you to all who took the time to contribute and share their knowledge.

Do you have your own camping tip, question or feedback? Please feel free to share below.



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