No fees at popular Worlds End Gorge Campground, SA

Worlds End Gorge Campground

As a favourite South Australian camping ground you can expect a lot of company here during holiday periods. The large gum trees provide lots of shade and the nearby creek is great for your family to have a go at yabbying or just to relax.

There is plenty of room for everyone and, although the area is an open paddock, chances are you will be able to set up away from others if you want some privacy. Facilities are limited and you will need to bring your own drinking water.

Where: 26 km South East of Burra.
Pet Friendly: Yes
Toilets: Yes
Shade: Limited
Shower: No 
Water: No
Fire: Yes
Caravan and Big Rig: Yes 
Mobile Reception: No
Directions: Turn South off Burra-Morgan Road 16 km South East of Burra onto Robertstown Road for 10 km, then Wester for 2 km.



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