Why buy a Book, when you already have the App?

“What benefit is there to have the books when all that can be downloaded for offline content?”


We received this great question the other day from Gina, who has the latest Camps Australia Wide App.

Here’s our answer, we hope it helps you out before you head out on your next adventure…

It is definitely a personal choice. I like having the flexibility of both when we hit the road. For me, even though I LOVE our App and all the features of camps+, nothing beats a paper map to follow when I travel.

Although you can download maps on the App to work offline, the books are an excellent back-up and give you a much broader overview of where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

How do we use both the App and the Book when travelling?

Firstly, we search the book for our proposed route and sites, then find out more about each site or any changes from the App.

Alternatively, you can filter the sites you like on the App. From there, plan the trip using the book – they work hand in hand.

Some couples tell us that one of them likes the App, and the other prefers the book. This means, between them – all is seamless (and argument free 🤣)!

Find a site you like from the App? You can use the HEMA co-ordinates to find it in the book. Once you have found the site on the map pages in the book, go to the listings page. At a glance, you can check out all the other sites in that area.

If you have the B4 book with images of camp sites you can visualise all the sites in the area, on one page. It means decision making is easy.

Digital Maps vs Book Maps

Other customers who have a Sat Nav, also say the books have rescued them – as Sat Navs don’t always take you the best or easiest route.

The aAp and Sat Nav may take you to your destination, but the map pages give you more information you may not find out on the screen. For instance, a stop off the beaten track, a walk, or water hole…

A Memento of Your Travels

The books we see have years of notes in them on different sites, owners and other travellers they have chatted to have added things to see/do when they are in the area. 

Some travellers add contact details of people they have met along the way. We can’t come close to this with an App.

The books end up being just as important to travellers as their photos, as a memento of their adventures.

Kids and Camping

If you have kids – Camps Guides become their companion when they travel. They can help decide where to stop for the night, add up distances between stops, or learn more about certain towns.

They can learn so much with the these travel guides – it improves spatial thinking, their interaction with our world and their reading skills. Our guides give kids perspective on just how big our country is!

Read more on children and why maps are important for them.

In summary, we strongly believe that ‘planning a lifetime of trips’ is even better than one single ‘trip of a lifetime’, and using both the Camps App and Guides makes this easy. Camps Guides show you where to go, and the Camps Australia Wide App gets you there!



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