Why are chip sangas (or chip butties) so popular?

We’ve heard that free and donation sites have been crazy busy, but on last weekend’s jaunt, it simply wasn’t the case. 

Only two other vehicles camped up at Ravensbourne Recreation Reserve and three at Allora Rest Area, in South East Queensland. You can see these freedom camps below. Did you make it to Toowoomba’s Carnival of Flowers – what a show!

Perhaps travellers are further north still? What has your experience been this year? We hope you are travelling. If not, you may appreciate our new CAMPS Ambassadors sharing their favourite campsites, parks and pies around Australia! A big welcome to Dan, Amanda, Dale and Tracey!

We also take you for a leisurely drive through the Meander Valley of Tasmania, and show off nine more camping and caravan park stops.

Another Number 1 was the humble chip sandwich. There’s no doubt, it is a super easy camping meal people seem to love or hate.

It’s tomato sauce, butter, salt and fresh white bread for me with this occasional treat. There is no sauce in these photos, because I left the tomato sauce at home!

I asked campers if tomato or BBQ sauce was preferred. Ignorant me – some added worcestershire, lemon juice, vinegar, gravy, vegemite, cheese, mayo, ham, bacon, pickled onions, chicken salt, HP brown sauce and even strawberry yoghurt!

There was much discussion on chip butty vs chip sanga – the Brit or Aussie terminology – and many mentioned they learnt about it from an English connection. More comments included they way the chips were arranged, thicker than pictured was popular – even a crosshatch style preferred by one. (I’ll try that!)

For those that did like it – it was almost universal – fresh white bakery bread, thick butter and salt were crucial to the flavour.

However, no mentioned when this carb on carb comfort food was the most attractive. Word is – the old chip butty is a popular hangover remedy. What do you think?

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