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Boolaboola Parking Area - image Sue McKee
Boolaboola Parking Area - image Sue McKee

One of our great camps spots thanks to you guys.

“This spot was about 62ks east of Madura WA. We are travelling from Snowtown in SA and heading west, then up to the Kimberleys across to Cairns and Port Douglas, back down to Rockhampton to cross over to Longreach, down to Lightning Ridge, over to Broken Hill and head back home….we’ve only got 4 months so if by the time we get to Katherine we may head to Longreach and do Cairns etc. or extensively next year. 

Travelling with my husband who has MS and our 10 year old cocker spaniel. Your book has been fantastic. The maps are brilliant, the information invaluable. My husband is unable to learn new things, so technology beats him, he has this book in his lap the whole time pawing over it and trying to plan our next stop.

We go in as far as possible off the road, haven’t seen another soul while actually camping…”

All the best,

Sue, Darren and Max (the cocker spaniel)

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