Hi Folks, your book is an absolute boon for me. I use a wheelchair for mobility and, thanks to you, have been able to camp in less expensive or free areas knowing that there is at least an accessible loo available! I used Camps 3 for travels to FNQ, updated to Camps 4, and am currently planning a Darwin, W.A. escape.

Many thanks for being ‘politically correct’ and including us Wheelies in the book (or should it be “Wheelie Grey Nomads”!)

Sharyn Wragg

Camps 4 is our second book and we like the photos of the sites to give us a visual picture of planned stop over points. Glad to receive number 4 as number 2 was getting worn out. Ronald Barry

Your book is worth it’s weight in gold..it gives me the freedom to hit the road knowing I can always find a place to stay for the night!

David Zaghini

Thanks for the book! It saved us money time and arguments, and we got to see & enjoy far more of OZ than in our 8 years of caravanning. Thanks a million! Peter Ridley

I have recently purchased camps Australia wide 3 and must commend you on a great reference book. I wish I had such a helpful book when my wife and I travelled around Australia in 1989. It would have surely saved us many a frustrated afternoon searching for a free camp to keep us within our budget for the year. The average cost of a campsite is now 3 times what it was back then and diesel was only 46c per litre when we left Brisbane. I don’t know how travellers keep to their budgets today.

Gail Cartmill Mccaffery

I think you have a fantastic product. It is just wonderful. I also purchased Snaps. I am so impressed with these products. I know that we will get a great deal of use out of both, and it is well worth the investment. It’s just great to be able to look to see what sort of place it is ahead. It is so nice to be able to pull into an area that you know in advance is scenic as well as appropriate to your needs. (that it has got a bit of grass to roll our swags out on.) I guess this is your own experiences that have led to the provision of this info. Well Done! I will be passing on the info of your publication to all I know.

Thank you for a good product.

Graeme & Robin Tickle

Many thanks for the wonderful books, CAW3 & Camp Snaps. Best money I have ever spent. Three nights not staying in van parks & we have already paid for them.

Congratulations on the excellent presentation. Sites very easy to find & being able to see sites that you might head for that day (in Camp Snaps) is an absolute bonus. I think that anyone who plans to do a lot of travelling would be a fool unto themselves if they don’t purchase your great books.

We will be on the road for 12 months & ‘free camping’ whenever we can. I will send you updates of sites from time to time. Will recommend your books to as many travellers as possible.

All the best!

Don & Irene Berry

I have just received Camps 3. Wow! and that doesn’t go anywhere near describing it, and the way you have linked the Road Atlas, The Camps & The Photos we can’t wait to hit the Frog & Toad & put it to good use. I also like the GPS position detail this means I won’t have to rely on Bosses navigation, she is a top cook, an excellent driver with a Van behind or out 4x4ing but not navigating.

Congratulations. It’s a 99/100. Come on; you never give 100. People give up improvement if you do that.

Nola Shaw

Sincere Congratulations on the publishing of the new “Camps Australia Wide”. What a great friend this new book will be for all of us “travellers”. It’s compact, and very easy to follow. We are certainly looking forward to experiencing lots of new “off road “camp sites. As we travel with our dear little eleven year old poodle we are grateful that you have the dog friendly symbol where appropriate, as we can plan ahead whilst on the road.

Congrats once again; it’s a brilliant book. The map sections with each state are easy to follow. I recommend this book to anyone travelling as we have used the earlier copies all over Australia.