Judy Witt

Camps 10 – I love it. I use the map as well as our Sat Nav. It’s paid off a million times. I can’t see the GPS navigator. If Trevor can’t look at it, I need to be up to date on the map. He needs me as a back up for travelling. If you have two ways, it’s much easier. 

“CAMPS is my bible”

CAMPS is my bible - Chris Murray - Dapto NSWIt’s forever sitting on my lap when we travel. We were on the road for 19 years, and 4-5 months each year on the road. We speak to everybody and it always comes up. You talk to any other traveller, they’ll tell you it’s their bible, too. 

It’s a wonderful book, it lets you know know where you can stop next. We show it to many people, and they say they’ve got to get one, too. We’ve had so many – we pass them along. We’ve got CAMPS 9 and it’s better still!

Chris Murray, Dapto, NSW

Mary & Wal Pitman

Hi Michelle & Heatley,

Just a quick thank you for making it so easy to travel.

Just completed two months on the road.  Thousands of kilometres. Dozens of wonderful camps. Dump station every day. We planned our days around your app.

Been travelling Australia for 45 years.  It has never been this easy.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Mary & Wal Pitman

Mrs N. Lane

“I have CAMPS 9 and had CAMPS 5. We’ve been around Australia and stayed off road a lot – three days out of every four. We saved heaps! My girlfriend has just been to Tasmania, it saved them as well.”

Mrs N. Lane

Roy Bailey

We hired a campervan in Australia which came with a copy of your Camps 9 publication. We can only say what a marvelous book it is.  We can imagine and appreciate the time and effort put into the compilation of the book.

We recommended it to all our friends in Australia. We used it all the time to find camp sites across Victoria, NSW and Queensland.  So easy to use. 

Thanks and regards,

Roy Bailey

Julie and Mark Lee – ARVOS Camp

Hi Michelle,

Just a brief message to say thank you for doing the write up about Arvos Camp in your latest email out. We noticed an immediate response and increase in enquiry to the Camps Australia Wide listing and email. We were getting a lot of enquiries through our Facebook site last night and wondered why until we saw your email so its great to know people must be reading about it. 

Thanks again,

Julie and Mark Lee



George Watts

Hi from Canberra, 

I have Camps 8 in book form and also downloaded on my GPS and this is what I used to tour the Kimberleys and Pilbara for 4 months whilst Canberra was freezing. I found your camps material very handy and plan a 4 month holiday to Darwin and SW Qld in 2019 during the next winter. 


George Watts

Mary & Wal Pitman

We love Camps Australia and use it extensively; both book and app. We hit the road for three months starting next weekend and can’t imagine travelling without the app now.  It has made travelling so much easier. 

Thank you both so much for taking on the responsibility of proving such a useful resource. 

Mary & Wal Pitman

Maaike van Leeuwen

Would not go on another trip without it!

Camps was the most important book in the car… Loved all the details on camps, the maps and distances shown on it. Really helpfull! Plus it works when you don’t have internet or electricity.

Maaike van Leeuwen

Greg Miller – Burdekin Farm Stay QLD

A lot of people are using CAMPS. I’m very happy with it. They pull the book out and show me our listing. A lot of people prefer CAMPS 9 as a written record whilst their travelling. 

Greg Miller

Burdekin Farm Stay QLD