Just wanted to say that your Camps5 book is an excellent way to save $ & travel our gorgeous country at the same time.  My dad just bought me your book (just because) he has used your books before, I’d never heard of it.

We are a young couple in our 30’s with two children who bought an 80 series Millard last year in awesome condition from an older couple who have been around Australia in it a couple of times.  It has everything you could think of to go almost anywhere-well not 4WDriving but.  Batteries, we only needed to buy the solar panels.  (You wouldn’t think it’s an 80 series-he has modified it & put in more cupboard space etc… so it’s perfect to travel with kids). (My husband thought I was nuts when I saw the van for sale – he has never been camping in his life – we have been so far, Soldiers Point, Fairy Meadow, Kiama, Wollongong, Forster, Mungo, Hat Head & Myall Lakes, all since April 08 when we bought it.

We head out any chance we get even if it’s just for short trips here and there until we can take more leave from our workplaces.  THE KIDS LOVE IT!! SO DO WE!!

Just wanted to say, Awesome book, great details regarding the camp/rest/caravan sites, Awesome.

Thanks again.