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Cooma - Flags

Visit Cooma and Snowy Hydro, New South Wales

About 114 km south of Canberra on the Monaro Highway, you’ll come to a regular stop off for us – Cooma, New South Wales. It’s a great base for groceries, shopping and a top museum. The Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre was hands on fun for our whole family. We really recommend visiting her before you explore the Snowy Mountains – as it gives you perspective on just how hydro power works. Displays really demonstrate the water flow, as well as the sheer scale of the project. Construction took a whopping 25 years to complete, from 1949-1974, and over 100,000 workers

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Botanic Gardens, Adelaide SA
Bucket List

12 Must See and Dos in Adelaide, for your South Australia Bucket List

If you want to know what to see and do in South Australia’s beautiful capital, here goes. We were only there for three nights, but took in so much! Markets, churches, food, trams, gardens, history, culture and wine! Don’t forget the shopping. Plus we’ll give you the tip on where to camp and still be close to the city. Here’s a dozen reasons to visit Adelaide: 1. Take a tram If you travel within the city mile, it is free to hop on and off and a great way to get your bearings as well as travel on the cheap.

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Chambers Pillar, Northern Territory
Budget Campsite

Chambers Pillar: MUST SEE and 4WD budget camp, Northern Territory

Not just a camp area, this historical reserve is 160 km south of Alice Springs and is dominated by a 50m high sandstone pillar. At sunrise and sunset, the red and orange in the rock are impressive over the Simpson Desert plain. There are short walks so you can explore, take photos and local wildlife. Castle Rock, Northern Territory The local Aboriginal people believe that the pillar is the gecko ancestor Itirkawara. He and his wife were banished – turning into rock, his wife is Castle Rock, 500 metres north east. Also check out historical markers – John MacDouall Stuart

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Mount Britton, Queensland - Image Bert Scott

History and views at freedom camp, Mount Britton, Queensland

Mount Britton, Queensland – Image Bert Scott Mount Britton is an abandoned gold mining town, founded in 1880 and noted to be a ‘spooky’ yet very interesting site. Mount Britton is 42 km north west of Nebo, or 122 km south west of Mackay, in north Queensland. When visiting, it is hard to believe that in the goldmining era in 1883, Mount Britton was a thriving township with a population of 1500 and services that included; a post and telegraph office, lands office, school of the arts, numerous hotels, stores, butcher and baker. By 1884, the town was declining with

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World War II Tank Traps at Thunderbolt's Gully
New South Wales

Living history: World War II Tank Traps at Thunderbolt’s Gully, New South Wales

We found this fascinating! Just north of Tenterfield, you’ll see the signs and a concrete wall (built to prevent tanks bypassing the road) on one side and huge boulders on the other. The then gravel road was full of holes from exploding mines. Wooden posts were there to force tanks to rise up and expose their underbelly – and it was part of the alleged ‘Brisbane Line’. 10,000 troops were stationed at 3 km south! The rock fall further down from the posts was from rocks blasted up higher to make the passage more difficult for the enemy. Drill holes

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Australia's largest granite rock - at Bald Rock National Park, New South Wales

Climb Australia’s largest granite rock – at Bald Rock National Park, New South Wales

My adrenaline is still on overdrive after climbing down the southern hemisphere’s largest granite monolith! When I’ve visited Stanthorpe, Queensland, I stopped at Girraween National Park, on the way to the border town, Wallangarra. It is full of granite domes, balancing rocks, and epic walks. I remember them being a bit scary, too! Well, Bald Rock National Park adjoins Girraween. And we had quite the adventure here, that is NOT for the faint hearted. After lunch and checking out the lovely Bald Rock Campground and local wildlife, we read the walk info. “Grade 5! No way!” said I. Ever the diplomat, Heatley assures, “We’ll

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Adams Family Travels - Pender Bay
Beaches & Coasts

Camp with AMAZING views at Pender Bay Escape, Western Australia

Pender Bay Escape is Western Australia site 662 in Camps 11 or find it in the Camps Australia Wide App. Located approximately 190km north of Broome, Pender Bay really is an amazing spot to camp. With most sites overlooking Pender Bay, a booking really is a must. The cost is $20 per adult per night and kids are free. There are a couple of toilets and showers but they are a fair distance from a lot of the camp sites. Is there nothing better than watching the sunset while sitting around your own private fire pit? Plenty of fish are

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Best Routes and Roadtrips in Australia
Camping Tips

Best Routes and Roadtrips in Australia

If you are camping or travelling with your RV around Australia, here’s a list of the best road trips with suggested itineraries and campsites. Regardless of what state or territory you are in, Australia has some magnificent routes to follow. These include road trips on a theme – like Queensland’s Natural Science Loop or Dinosaur Trail. The Cape (Cape York), The Red Centre Way or The Gibb River Road in The Kimberley are all destinations in their own right. We include routes that wind around a coastline – like The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, or the Great Eastern Drive in Tasmania. Others follow our magnificent

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Edge Of The World, Arthur River, Tasmania

Must do: Edge of the World, Tasmania

We threw a pebble off ‘The Edge of the World’! Our team member and resident Tasmanian, Leisa Cooper, urged us to visit. She said, “If you include the west coast in your journey, (its wild and beautiful) past Stanley and Marrawah there’s a little spot called the ‘Edge of the World’.   “It’s the starting point to the longest uninterrupted stretch of ocean in the world, 16,000 km the nearest land mass to the west is not Africa, but Argentina and to the south Antarctica.” Leisa said, “It’s where they collect Cape Grim Water, as it’s the purest air and water

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