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Annya Campground, Victoria - image Katrina Cragg

Camper Review: Annya Campground, Victoria

A big thanks to Katrina Cragg for sending in her review and photos a beautiful free camp she found in her CAMPS book – Annya Campground, Victoria. “Hi Michelle, I have really enjoyed doing weekend trips away, exploring my own area, checking out free camps that I didn’t know existed, so thank you Michelle and Heatley, for all the work you and your team puts in to the books and the app!  I love them! I receive your newsletters, which are awesome, thank you.” Regards Katrina Cragg Katrina Cragg at Annya Campground, Victoria This pretty spot is located in the south

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Kaz Nagle with her Camps 11 Book

Darwin here I come!

Reader’s update by Kaz Nagle I have mine. Live every day by it.  This determines my address every afternoon.  I even draw in it. Perth to Melbourne solo  – serious about taking the left turn at Port Augusta due to current situation in Melbourne.  Have to be in Melbourne for son’s wedding in October.  I take so many detours thanks to your publication just for a look or to stay the night a few hundred metres (yes metres) down the road. My vista changes every morning I wake up and every evening when I go to bed. Need to service the

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Camps Australia Wide recognised as No. 1 most influential product in caravanning!

Heatley enjoyed a double feature in Brisbane – watching Queensland beat NSW at State of Origin, then following up the boy’s night with a boy’s day at the QLD Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow. He brought home a few RV brochures AND the latest copy of the Roam magazine.  We ‘d like to give Owner and Editor, Brendan Batty a huge thank you for listing Camps Australia Wide as No. 1 most influential product in caravanning! “In 20 years of publication, Camps Australia Wide has potentially been the most influential product in caravanning and camping, because it took the hard

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Hotel Motel 5
Budget Campsite

Pub Stay: Hotel Motel 5

With all the changes on the Pacific Highway rest areas, it is good to know there’s a low cost option at South Grafton. Hotel Motel 5 is NSW no. 38 in CAMPS 10. Called “Hotel Motel 5 – Five Mile” on Facebook. This is free stop if you patronise the hotel. Self contained vehicles are preferred, enjoy access to toilets, showers, water, shade, and in the beer garden you’ll find tables and fire places. Pets are allowed and there is mobile coverage. Stay period is 48 hours only, and it is beside the highway.  Publicans Nick and Jocelyn promise a delicious feed

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CAMPS is my bible - Chris Murray - Dapto NSW

“CAMPS is my bible”

We love to hear from fellow travellers. Thanks Chris for this glowing testimonial: “CAMPS is my bible” It’s forever sitting on my lap when we travel. We were on the road for 19 years, and 4-5 months each year on the road. We speak to everybody and it always comes up. You talk to any other traveller, they’ll tell you it’s their bible, too.  It’s a wonderful book, it lets you know know where you can stop next. We show it to many people, and they say they’ve got to get one, too. We’ve had so many – we pass

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