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Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum, Vic
Budget Campsite

Camp near the Flying Boats at Lake Boga, Victoria

I had not even heard of Flying Boats – you can also camp on Lake Boga down the road! As you can see from our photos, rain prevailed the day we visited. When the weather is miserable – campers know it’s a good time to shop, eat out or visit a museum… Lake Boga was the centre of a secret military camp in World War II. Heatley loves his war history, so I added the Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum to our trip! It is a very hands-on museum – you can pop your head into the planes. Back and

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Knotasaurus Park Eromanga QLD
Family Friendly Fun

A dinosaur lover’s delight: Eromanga, Queensland

Eromanga’s town claim is threefold: the furthest town from the sea, the only independently owned oil refinery in the country AND Australia’s largest dinosaur! So if you are wondering what you can do here, I think you’ll be surprised. Eromanga is not just for for people who love dinosaurs. It is also on Queensland’s Natural Sciences Loop, is part of Australia’s largest oil producing region and has a wealth of history including the Cobb & Co. However, if you do have a dinosaur lover in the family they will be in their element! What you must do first, is walk

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Eromanga Natural History Museum
Bucket List

Must Do: Eromanga Natural History Museum, Queensland 

Put Eromanga Natural History Museum on your Queensland bucket list! I’ve dragged the family to plenty of museums over the years. But if you come all the way to Eromanga – you have to meet Cooper – or at least Cooper’s thighbone. He is Australia’s largest dinosaur. Australotitan cooperensis is 93-96 million years old, and 28-30m long, 6.5m high (ground to hip) and about 67 tonnes! He is in the top five largest dinosaurs in the world! Hands down, it was the best museum experience we’ve had. A 14 year old picked up an unusual ‘rock’, the first bone, as he

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Oatlands Heritage Highway Information & Historical Society3

Add Oatlands Historical Society Museum, Tasmania – to your list!

by Leisa Cooper, CAMPS Researcher Whilst out checking some sites and taking photographs of the Southern Midlands of Tasmania, I came across the Oatlands Historical Society Museum at the entrance to the town.  The museum doubles as the town’s Information Centre and is a treasure trove of the area’s history. Expect to spend lots of  time here fossicking amongst the amazing displays of photographs, newspaper items, books, and items of historical significance as well as a large collection of military memorabilia. The museum also offers you the “Oatlands Key” which allows access to historical buildings in Oatlands including the 1829

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