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Travel Games - CAMPS Adult Spotto
Camping Tips


For the rules and whatnot check out our CAMPS SPOTTO GAME FOR FAMILIES. If you are like us, and now travel without the kids, here’s a list that you can have some fun together with driving big distances… Forget the yellow car spotto – have some fun, and stop off at some of these… SPOT THE Pub Dump Point RV/Caravan Parking Winery Big Things (it doesn’t matter how old you are, this is still fun) Toilets (handy, too) Brewery Bakery Free Camp Distillery Wombat signs on the Tarkine Road, Tasmania Now if you are lapping, here’s a few more things

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Daniel and Amanda Courtney with their daughter Aria

Introducing CAMPS Ambassadors: Overland Exposure

Daniel and Amanda Courtney are travelling Australia in a truck with their daughter, Aria. They are currently in North Queensland and heading outback. You’ll see more of their footage on our socials and newsletters.

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Dinner and Duck races

‘Freedom Explorers’ part 2: Brisbane to Yowah, Queensland

We love receiving traveller’s stories. Keith Skinner’s Dig Tree Trip in August 2019, is a little different. The second blog is when Keith begins the trip itself – with Dinner and Duck races – and flies! by Keith Skinner Some of you will have read my first Freedom Explorers blog covering the planning that I put into my August 2019 trip from Brisbane, Queensland to Innamincka, South Australia. This Blog will cover the trip itself including points of interest (POI), some funny things that happened on the trip, and how the weather affected my trip. Brisbane to St GeorgeDeparting from

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The Campmobile

Find your perfect spot

You won’t miss us! Our 4WD is now recognisably branded with CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE. If you see us out and about, please say hello. We will be carrying stock as well, so you can compare the books and view the new cookbook. A big shout out to Leanne from Flowering Design and Jared from Trademark Signs in Gympie for our vibrant new look on the Hilux. Also a big thanks to new Gympie councillor, Bruce Devereaux – who, when he was travelling with our books, suggested the phrase to us: “Find your perfect spot”. As we’ve been chatting in the

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Keith on the Road Car and Van

‘Freedom Explorers’ part 1: Trip planning

We love receiving traveller’s stories. Keith Skinner’s Dig Tree Trip in August 2019, is a little different. The first blog is all about the planning, where he outlines his methods and way of travelling this enormous and amazing land. Part 1 by Keith Skinner If you’re my type; the type I’ll call Freedom Explorers then I would suggest we share some small gene pool found only in the DNA of the explorers who opened up this great land; those who looked for adventure and excitement by travelling unknown pathways.  Well, unknown to them. I’m not talking here about the holiday

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