Reopening: Ebor Falls, Buchan and Wombeyan Caves

Reopening of Ebor Falls, Buchan and Wombeyan Caves
Buchan Caves, VIC

We report glad tidings – three major tourist attractions have reopened: Buchan Caves in Victoria, plus Ebor Falls and Wombeyan Caves New South Wales.

Buchan Munji (Buchan Caves Reserve)

When we visited only a couple of weeks back, Buchan locals were not sure if Buchan Caves was opening in a week or closed for a year!

Following major flooding that hit the area on Boxing Day, we are pleased to hear the caves will reopen to visitors ahead of the Easter long weekend.

Home to Victoria’s largest cave system, tours and the campground bookings are due to open on Krauatungalung Country, Tuesday 26 March.

It is reported that “The Boxing Day flash flood caused massive destruction throughout the reserve with more than 60 millimetres of rain falling in 30 minutes. Roads, bridges, buildings and infrastructure were inundated and large amounts of soil, vegetation, rocks and road surface carried away. During the initial clean-up phase more than 250 tonnes of debris was cleared.

They also advise: “Due to the scale of the flood, the reserve will still have some visible signs of damage for some time and there will be temporarily restricted areas. Visitors should check the Parks Victoria website when planning their trip.”

A temporary closure of the reserve will be required after the Easter school holidays to permanently repair the road network.

Camp at Buchan Caves, Buchan Rec Reserve or numerous free camps in the area.

Wombeyan Caves

A huge $9.6 million makeover includes upgraded camping and visitor amenities.  You’ll find powered sites, a new office, visitor centre, and kiosk.  There’s improved roads and parking and a new accessible viewing platform at the entrance to the spectacular Victoria Arch in Fig Tree Cave.

The first area in Australia to be reserved for the protection of its caves in 1865, you’ll find underground passages, streams and spectacular caverns with rock formations.

Check out Wollondilly, Kooringa and Mulwaree caves via a guided tours or there is a self guided experience for Wombeyan’s Fig Tree Cave.

Wombeyan Caves Camp is closest, located in the Wombeyan Karst Conservation Reserve or check cheaper options in the CAMPS App and guides.

Ebor Falls

Four years ago, a deliberately lit fire destroyed access to Ebor Falls, NSW. A few times now, as we’ve travelled the beautiful Waterfall Way, we’ve tried to view the new works. Excited to read it was complete – we then read roadworks into the waterfall prevented access last month!

Next time, we’ll be able to explore the loop walk to a cantilevered lookout, two other lookouts on the edge of the Guy Fawkes River gorge.

The 120-metre drop twin waterfalls is up there with NSW’s seven most impressive falls (so they say).

It is great to hear that Ebor will also be connected to the Falls via a 1.1km walking track. You can camp at Ebor Falls Hotel Motel or Ebor Sports and Rec Reserve. We actually stopped at Native Dog Creek Camp for another awesome walk and had the campground all to ourselves!

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