Queensland good to go for New South Wales


Finally, Queensland will reopen to all of New South Wales at 1am on Monday, February 1. That’s great news for us campers! 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said authorities were working overtime to ensure a smooth border re-opening from next week.

 The Premier said. “Now that the Chief Health Officer has recommended it’s safe for Greater Sydney residents to come to Queensland, the borders can come down.

“I want to encourage anyone in New South Wales who is thinking about having a holiday, come up to Queensland.”

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said New South Wales health authorities had successfully linked its COVID cases, prompting Queensland Chief Health Officer to advise that it was safe to re-open the border.

“This border re-opening is welcome news to the eight million Greater Sydney residents who can now visit Queensland.

“With more infectious variants of COVID now emerging, we always have to act on the health advice and that’s what we’re continuing to do.

“We’re now focussed on working with the Commonwealth to deliver the vaccine rollout to keep Queenslanders safe.”

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