New Listings: 100+ Murray River National Parks in South Australia

Lock 4 section Katarapko
All Images courtesy of the Department for Environment and Water, SA

There’s been some changes in the many riverside campsites that are nestled in the Murray River National Park. Sites we had listed previously known as Lock 4, Eckerts and Katarapko Creek are now all listed for booking under simply Katarapko from the National Parks and Wildlife Service website. We’ll be updating our app shortly to relist all these sites with their new names. This includes favourites like Booky Cliffs and Sawmill campsites as well as the large Causeway camp for group bookings. There are over 55 campsites along the river in this peaceful location.


The Katarapko section has three entrances, Lock 4 entrance located just south of Berri, or the Eckert Ck entrance along Lower Winkie road and the Katarapko Creek entrance off Katarapko Crescent. Parks have been busy upgrading this area with Draper Road, Lock 4 road, Katarapko Way, Log Crossing Track and most of Cragg’s Road are now interconnecting all weather roads, so you’ll be able to easily navigate around the park.

Some campsites are temporarily closed due to flooding or being upgraded and you can find that information on our Camps Australia Wide app or on the National Parks and Wildlife Service website. We’ve also listed around 46 individual sites in the Lyrup Flats section as well.

4 recreational benefits - camping at Katarapko

Dogs are permitted on lead in Lyrup and are only permitted in a small section within the Katarapko section at the Rodeo Grounds. Remember to pre-book before you travel, be well prepared with water and supplies, check weather and roads and enjoy this bush paradise.



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