NEW LISTING: Jacksons Crossing Bush Camp, Victoria

Jacksons Crossing Camp courtesy John Neiddu
Images Courtesy John Nieddu

Jacksons Crossing Bush Camp is located in the Snowy River National Park.  This is stunning Victorian High Country Camping, with large areas of grassland beside the river.  It is definitely 4WD only, and dry weather only.

There are river crossings and off-road campers should check local conditions at the Buchan office first. There’s a small sandy beach to camp at the end of Varneys Track and very pretty views.

It has no facilities, so you’ll need all your own provisions including drinking water.  You can fish here, there are no pets allowed as it is National Park and suitable for tent and camper trailer camping.

There are two ways to access this very pretty campsite by Buchan Orbost Road and Jacksons Crossing Track or following the Gelantipy Rd and Running Creek Track.  However, it is recommended that you use the Running Creek route as it is private property access coming from Orbost, and you’ll need to ask permission.   These areas were extensively damaged during the fire, but there have been ongoing  repairs and the road is in now in reasonable condition, so do check with the ranger, as well.

John’s Story …

We were making our way back towards Dargo from McKillops Bridge when we stopped on the side of the road for some lunch. An older couple stopped at the same spot to see if they had phone reception. We started chatting and sharing stories about where we’ve all been and where we were headed, they suggested heading down to Jacksons Crossing. 

When we arrived, we drove around assessing the campsites in the area and of course looking for the best one. When we came to the end of this small track, we couldn’t believe our eyes; it was better than winning X Lotto. It’s a small sandy beach right along the Snowy River with a massive mountain covered with large trees and tree ferns across the river. 

We spent our days there, enjoying the breathtaking scenery, nature walks, a bit of fishing, taking photos and exploring Jacksons Crossing and the Snowy River. Early in the evenings the fog would make its way down the river until it covered the valley, it was surreal. Although it was quite cool at this time of year (April) we just had to go for a swim in the river, it was colder than an ice bath.

We only intended to spend one night at Jacksons Crossing, this spot was so beautiful, we ended up spending 3 nights there and had to tear ourselves away. 

This site is now listed in the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App and the brand new CAMPS 11 book – VIC site 31. Thanks John for the story and your spectacular photos!



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