Kid heaven at Habitat Noosa, Queensland

Not just for kids, parents will love this modern campground in the National Park, too. With a knee high lake that goes for miles and sandy beach, brewery and restaurant, walking tracks, you can even kayak to a pub! 

Lake Cootharaba is the largest lake on the Noosa River, Queensland’s largest natural saltwater lake – 10km long, 5km wide with 25km of shore! You’ll find Habitat Noosa just north of Boreen Point, and the site of the old Elanda Point Campground.

However, you’ll notice a LOT of changes. A beautiful restaurant and brewery looks out to the lake and massive trees. Glamping huts are dotted in two areas of the park – some with boardwalks.

There are powered sites close to the small beach and shore – with massive areas for unpowered camping. 

Ours was ‘The Gums’.

However, the main attraction remains the same. The beautiful lake remains shallow for quite a while – so it is very popular for kayaking, SUPing and windsurfing. You can explore to the upper Noosa River and Everglades.

We saw two amenity blocks – some at the main building. Bikes were popular, not just for kids but also handy to cycle to your shower or toilets, as the park is very expansive. Thanks to the Hodge family for this photo!

Bring your own above ground fire pit. There is also a communal firepit at the restaurant “beer garden”.

As well as the best pizza I have tasted in a long time…

There is also an ice cream parlor and brewery, which you can see Heatley enjoyed. Yes, we really were camping!

No pets are allowed because of the proximity to the Great Sandy National Park. Tracks start just outside the entry gate – you can walk to Mill Point, a circuit that I would like to do next time.

I took the Old Cemetery path. The highlight was the whopping big kangaroo along the way. Once at the Cemetery, it said to stay on the paths – but I couldn’t see the paths! It was very squelchy so I didn’t hang around.

You can walk to Kin Kin Creek, Kinaba Information Centre, Fig Tree Point even all the way to historic Harry’s Hut and camping area or the Cooloola Wilderness Trail. However, if you kayak, many of these are also reached via the water.

We were here with the big extended Hodge family! It was a wonderful break – with all the 11 cousins loving bikes, SUPs, kayaks, games – they certainly slept well! Even paddling to lunch at the famous Apollonian Hotel in Boreen Point. That place has some history, too. The building was moved here from Gympie, you can sit on the verandah with plenty of grass for the kids to play. A great old pub.

Habitat Noosa QLD

They also checked out Noosa Beach, Noosa National Park walks and Sunshine Coast attractions. Personally, there is plenty to do right here! Including some of the best sunrises I have enjoyed for a while…

Watching the mist roll over the water…

I would be up at first light to see it come in each day.

Even though it was busy, there was still plenty of room on the beach and the water. I love that the national park surrounds the park.

Last year, Heatley booked us into a Noosa Everglades kayaking tour – so we’ll be back for it, a pizza and perhaps another ale or two!

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