Is pub camping free?

Sign at Sandy Creek Pub, Queensland

Here’s the ‘how-to’ or ‘pub camping 101’…

What do you think of this sign? At CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE, it is a given for us to support any business where we camp for free. Especially, if we want businesses like this hotel to continue to offer a free campsite.

A camper recently told me that pub stays are NOT free stays, because you are compelled to buy a drink or meal for your patch of land.

However, I am a bit of a glass-half-full kind of person. I reasoned that night, I was planning to eat out anyway – or socialise at the bar. So the FREE site is a bonus! Plus (and it is a big one) there’s no washing up!

What do you think?

We spotted this sign above at Sandy Creek Pub, near Warwick, Queensland.

Here’s ‘how-to’ camp at a hotel:

  1. Call ahead to see if the pub is open, and check on a pet policy (if you have one). For instance, they may only allow certain sized dogs or avoid breeds. Dogs may be ok on the verandah or in the beer garden on leash – or need to stay at your campsite. (Please add this info to your review in the CAMPS App.) 
  2. Park outside the grounds and check in with the publican or at the bar. Fix up any fees or donations for camping. Book a table if it looks busy.
  3. Park up for the night.
  4. Come in and order a drink, meal or both for yourself and your travel companions. 
  5. Consider topping up your supplies from their bottle-o (or liquor store). 

Check out this selection of hotel camps.

Did you know?

CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE has listed campgrounds and caravan parks at hotels long before any App was invented, or Facebook was a thing! 


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