Horizontal Waterfalls

Horizontal Waterfalls

Where: Talbot Bay, WA

In Talbot Bay you will witness the incredible power of the only horizontal waterfalls in the world. Whether viewing them from a plane or a boat, the beautiful turquoise waters of Talbot Bay are an amazing sight to see and the gushing waterfalls make it that much more impressive. David Attenborough has described the Horizontal Waterfalls as “one of the greatest natural wonders in the world”.

The horizontal waterfalls are a result of massive tidal movements that cause water to push up against one side of the narrow cliff passage. As the water pushes through the small opening between the cliffs it creates a waterfall effect which is repeated when the tide turns. On powerful tides there can be a four metre high waterfall flowing between the bays.

The most seaward gap is approximately 20 m wide while the second gap is even more spectacular at 10 m wide. You can view these incredible wonders by plane, or take a thrilling boat ride through the waterfalls when the tides are weaker. If you stay in the Kimberely towns of Broome or Derby you can choose from a range of Horizontal Waterfall tours. Flights and sea safaris to the waterfalls are available from Kooljaman in Cape Leveque, Broome or Derby.

For more information visit the Derby Tourism website.

Image by Gauthier.



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