Here’s cheers to the new year!


Happy New Year! We’ve enjoyed a wonderful break with family, and hope you have too. Lots of beach time, jigsaws, books and recharging batteries. We were due to have friends visit from Sydney, but of course that didn’t happen. Instead we were joined by Heatley’s Uncle and Auntie for Christmas – we were so sorry that they couldn’t see their kids and grandkids in Sydney as planned. It was our gain, so lovely to have more around our table, this year. Hopefully you are all safe and sound wherever you are, and if stuck at home – back on the road soon.

Thank you for being so patient waiting for your new CAMPS 11 books. There has been a delay, we’re sorry. The printers have advised the A4 will be ready mid-January and the Easy to Read version later in the month. However, we have had such lovely feedback about printing the books in Australia – a very popular decision. We’re very proud to help keep more jobs for Aussies.

The new CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App has also been in demand – thank you to everyone we’ve had hundreds of photos and reviews added this week alone! Now is a great time to include your photos and tell us what you thought of different sites – or give your opinion on what to do and see in that area.  

Now as to this photo – it is at Double Island Point, QLD – just a few kilometres south of Rainbow Beach and north of a famous camping location, Teewah Beach. We drove up the Freshwater track with our daughter and friend, stopped at Freshwater Campground and day use area, climbed up to Double Island Point lighthouse and spotted turtles, then spent a relaxing, bubbly afternoon between the lagoon and the beach. Not quite camping – but MY happy place! Look out for more photos on our social pages and Facebook group – I Love Camping Australia Wide.

So what is in today’s newsletter? A station stay in WA, a caravan park in NSW. Our holiday season was a bit too joyful on our waistlines – despite the beach walks and water sports. So we include a cracking Gilmore family recipe that’s fun but a healthy one for the whole family.

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