What a great spot to have a beverage and a relax!

“Wongalea” is a privately owned property on the scenic MacIntyre River, is listed as NSW 257 in Camps 10 or find it on the Camps Australia Wide App.  It features a 1 km of picturesque river to enjoy fishing and camping. Come and relax!

Owners, Lionel and Angela Edwards, said it has been pretty hectic feeding the cows lately, “It’s dry and dusty and there’s no grass, but the weaners love their feed of cottonseed and hay.

“We are very grateful to be on the river and have water, especially after reading about so many people and towns running out of water.

The couple are interested in regenerative agriculture and even have their own conservation park.

“We’ve given up on weather forecasts and are just getting on with the job. Please keep supporting our farmers and the local community. They need people to shop locally. Farmers are bloody hard workers and need a pat on the back for surviving one of the driest times on record.”

There are no fixed BBQs, and toilets are pit and a portaloo – but they are clean! There’s room for big rigs, caravans, campers and tents. Expect shade, views, fireplaces, picnic tables, pets are allowed and it is suitable in dry weather only. The river is usually accessible except in very wet weather. Prices start at $10 per person, per night.

Angela said, “We have a beginner 4WD track on request. We also have an outback camping site – no toilet though. There may be a glamping tent in the works, too!”

So come and camp riverside, with a variety of freshwater fish including Yellow Belly and Cod and an amazing array of bird-life!

Wongalea Fishing and Camping is 16 km south of Yetman via Bedwell Downs Rd. Pre-booking essential: 0427 504 198

Did we tell you we have our own gorge? It's very scenic and a great walk. It's a pity the waterfall doesn't run all year round. Maybe after the drought breaks ?

Wongalea Fishing & Camping has their our own scenic gorge and walk. It’s a pity the waterfall doesn’t run all year round. Maybe after the drought breaks?

Fish for yellow belly or cod

Camp riverside or choose their outback camping site

Life has been tough on many farms due to drought, the fun you have with every farm stay helps our Aussie Farmers survive