Are you wanting to go camping this Easter but don’t quite know where to start? In the second instalment of our Easter series some of the best camping bloggers have offered their advice for beginners. Before you set out on your Easter adventures take a moment to read these tips and prepare yourself for a memorable break!

For Beginners


  • If this is your first time camping, try to tag along with some friends who are more experienced campers. Not only will they help to show you the ropes (literally!), they can also lend you any equipment that you may not own, or you might have forgotten. It’s a great way to get a feel for camping, and to work out the best set up for your own family.

-Natalie Birt from Mummy Smiles

  • Don’t camp under trees that could shed branches and ruin your holiday.
  • Make sure you have plenty of insect repellent if you are camped near water, bushes or long grass.
  • If you have an annexe make sure it’s anchored down securely if it’s windy.

– Lionel Mussell from Australian Caravan Club

  • Don’t use a camp cooker or stove in an enclosed space unless it is specifically designed with adequate ventilation for the safe flow of air. Any carbon based heat source (including propane burners) can be a source of poisonous Carbon Monoxide if there isn’t enough oxygen.

-Veronica Thorvaldsson from Tentipi

Helpful Equipment


  • The best thing we ever did was to purchase a good set of stackable drawers. We have four and they fit neatly into the back of our camper trailer, but they could just as easily fit into the back of a four-wheel drive.
  • We also have a tail-gate kitchen which has a small drawer in it with a slightly larger drawer underneath. I can fit everything in those drawers that I need for any trip.

-Melissa Chambers from Camper Trailer Travels