Have been working furiously transferring all my information from Camp 3, 4 & 7 to 10.  

….the series of Camps Australia Wide have been a necessity on all our journeys, and have proven invaluable at times – I still prefer having Camps 10 on my lap to any other app or device. 

I’m always behind the camera when we’re away, but this pic is one of my personal favourites …

I took it a couple of years ago on one of our Central Highway crossings – it started raining at Docker River and didn’t stop until we were nearly at Laverton … quite an experience!!!

Looking forward to getting away as soon as this Covid-19 is under control – going to do The Savannah Way this time.  Have done it as far as Borroloola, through Hells Gate, so will rejoin it in Limmen NP and head up to Roper Bar.  Can’t wait  Still have Tanami Track and Gary Junction Road on my bucket list.

I think one of our most interesting trips was to Maralinga in SA, 200km north of the Eyre Hwy – fascinating. 

Anyway, back to social distancing and staying at home for a little while.  

Stay healthy – Sally Bower