Frequently Asked Questions

Camps Australia App v 2 : How to use the App

To familiarize yourself and to get the best use of the app please watch the video tutorial on the link below:

Camps Australia App for Table Demo

Camps Australia App for Phone Demo


Camps Australia App v 2 : How do i locate a site

There are three way to locate a site –

• Use the search feature which you can access from the Home page or the Map page. If you know the name of a site, simply type the name where prompted. Tap on the site to bring up the site page. If you don’t know the name of the site, type in the name of the city or use the Browse feature by tapping on the state then the city. This will bring up a list of all types of sites in the area. Tap on the desired site type, then tap on the site you want from the list that appears to bring up the site page.

• Using the Map, zoom into the area you want to search and tap the site icon. A site information box will appear. Tap on the site information box to go to the site page. Tapping on the map will close the site information box.

• Use the List feature when using the map. All the sites that appear in the sections of the map showing on the screen will appear in a sidebar. Tap on the site to go to the site page. Zoom in or out to adjust how many sites appear in the list.

There are always variations in odometer readings and road distance signs, so allow for these.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do i use filters?

Tap on the filter icon found on the right hand side of the map

The key site catorgories on the map Day use only, Overnight camping, Carvan parks, Dump points & Information centres are automatily on and shown in blue.

To filter by site catorgorie tap on the type(s) of site(s) you want to remove , they will turn gray keep, then tap ‘Apply Filter’ , now only the site catogories in blue will display on the map.

For example, to only see overnight camping sites – tap the “other site catorgaries” boxs at the top and then tap the “Apply Filter” box at the bottom of the page. You will now see only overnight sites on the map. Use the same process if you only want to see caravan parks or day use only sites. You can apply multiple filters at the same time.

To clear a filter or multiple filters, tap the box(es) to turn them off (grey) and then tap the “Reset Filters” than “Apply Filter” box. These sites will once again appear on the map.

You can further refine your search by filtering by facilities.To turn on a facilities filter, tap the symbol and the filter will change from grey to coloured and “Must Have” will appear in the box. For example if you only want to see sites with toilets, tap the “Toilet” box to select ten tap the “Apply Filter” box. Now, only sites with toilets will appear. You can have more than one filter on at a time. Simply select all the facilities you would like to have included in your search before hitting the Apply Filter box.

To clear all the filters, tap “Reset Filters” then “Apply Filter”. All sites will again show on the map.

Camps Australia App v 2 : I can’t see any sites or I can see limited sites on the map?

You may have filters selected that are hiding sites. See the “How do I use the filters?” section to learn how to turn these off and on.

Camps Australia App v 2 :What does ‘fees from’ on the site information page indicate?

The fee shown is current in our database and is based on the low season cost for a powered site for 2 adults. Extra charges may apply for additional persons. There may be a lower fee available for unpowered sites.

NOTE: All fees are intended as a guide only and are subject to change without notice.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I get offline maps & sites?

Tap on the “OFFLINE AREA” icon found on the Home page.

Choose Maps, select the state, tap the cloud to download. Only once state at a time will download. Do the same for Offline Data.
When you are out of celular coverage swap to Offline map mode.

NOTE: you will need to have a strong Wi Fi connection/signal to successfully download these maps & data.


Camps Australia App v 2 : How can I see my current location on the Map?

You can zoom into your current location (shown by the blue location dot ) by tapping on the arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the map.

If the blue dot is not showing, make sure you have turned on ‘Location Services’ for Camps-Australia on your device. Exit the App, go to Settings – Privacy – Location Services, and click on the Camps-Australia icon to choose one of the location access options.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I switch map view?

On the map screen you have three map options,  Map ( Google Map ) ; Satellite ( Google Satellite ) Offline ( OpenStreet Map – this must be downloaded in Offline section of the App to make this visible)  just tap the one that suits your needs.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I get directions?

On the site page, tap on the “Get Directions” box. Choose Google Maps (if you have cellular service or wifi ) or, if you have purchased and installed the Metroview GPS App, you can choose to use that.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I use Trip Diary?

Note: Trip Diary is not viewable when offline.

To set up a new trip, tap on the “TRIP DIARY” icon found on the Home page. Tap on the “Add New Trip” (found at the bottom left corner of the page) then add a title and start and end dates. Tap “Add Trip” to finish the set-up. Exit Trip Diary using the back arrow.

To fill in your trip diary, go to the map or use the Search feature to select sites for your trip. Select a site and go to the site page. Add this site to your trip by using the plus symbol found on top right corner of the page. Repeat this for any site that you want to add to your trip.
To view your trip, go back to “TRIP DIARY” and select a trip from your list.
The map section will show the sites you have chosen. You can tap on the symbol to go to the site page. You can add notes in the trip diary page.

To delete sites from your trip, open the trip you wish to edit, then —

On an IOS device – swipe the chosen site to the left – tap the red Remove box.
On an Android device – swipe the site to the left

To delete trips, tap on the Settings icon and tap on “Delete Trip” box at the bottom of the page.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I create favourites


To create: go to the site page, tap the star to select this site as a favourite.

To remove: go to the site page, tap on the star to remove it from your favourites (will go grey).

Chosen favourite sites will appear on the map with a gold star at the bottom of the site icon .

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I recommend a new site?

You need to be online in order to recommend a site.
• Tap on the “Account” icon found on the Home page.
• Tap on “Recommend New Site” – this will take you to our website. Just complete the form and submit.

Use the back arrow at the top of the Recommend Site box to return to the app.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I send an update for an existing site?

• At the very bottom of every site page (under the weather) is a “Site Feedback” field.
• Tap, complete the form and submit.
• Use the back arrow at the top of the screen to return to the app

Camps Australia App v 2 : How to I register my Camps Australia app?


When you first purchase the Camps-Australia app, you register when you fill in your email address and create a password

Camps Australia App v 2 : I have forgotten my password?

Create a new or changing a password by doing the following –

• Tap on the “Account” icon found on the Home page.
• Tap on “Change Password”, then enter a new password and confirm.
• Tap “Save” to finish.

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I change my email address?

• Tap on the “Account” icon found on the Home page.
• Tap on “Edit Account” – enter your new email address
• Tap Save to finish


Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I subscribe for site updates?

You can subscribe for these either Monthly or Yearly.

• Go to the Account icon on the Home page
• Choose “My Subscription”
• Select Monthly Subscription or Yearly Subscription and you will be taken to either the iTunes store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices) to complete your purchase

Camps Australia App v 2 : How do I get the updates for the App?

Updates to the sites are only available once you have subscribed.

The first time you open the App after you have subscribed you will get a pop-up advising that an update is available. Tap OK to download. This will update your app with the latest information.

Thereafter, when you open the app you will see a “checking for updates” pop up. The app will automatically update your data.

Camps Australia App v 2 : Can I install the Camps App on multiple devices?

If you have iOS or Android devices with the same account ID for iTunes or Google Play you can have the Camps App on all your devises.

Is the Caravan Parks Australia Wide book available as an App?

When you purchase the Camps Australia App, all the tourist parks listed in the Caravan Parks book are included in the App along with all the Camps free and low cost camp site. If you only want to see caravan parks you just need to turn the caravan filter on and all the caravan parks will show on the App.

How often do you release a new edition of Caravan Parks Australia Wide?

We release a new edition every 2 years. Edition 4 of Caravan Parks Australia Wide was released June 2016


How do I give you feedback and updates about sites?

You can use the online feedback form that is under “Updates” on the website or email Or you can use one of the site feedback forms that are in the back of the book.

How can I keep my Camps 8 and 9 books up to date?

We provide a free Update Service on our web site for the current edition and also for the previous edition of Camps. Updates are available from the first published date for 4 years. These provide details of site closures or a change in the status for a site e.g from overnight use to a day use no camping or vice versa, changes to pet /no pets allowed, as well as details of new facilities that may be added to existing sites. We do not usually list new sites on the updates.
Changes to the listings in the book

Camps Australia Wide provides details of free and low cost camping or overnight sites throughout Australia. The availability of these are “Subject to Change without notice”. Controlling authorities for the sites listed may change the site to NO Camping at any time. Please observe these regulatory signs and respect the conditions, and, as always use common sense.

What are GPS coordinates?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Using signals provided from satellites users are able to determine reliable positioning & navigation.

There are 3 common GPS coordinate display formats:

– Latitude and Longitude (-17.598889 145.758611) DDD
– Lat / Long -minutes-seconds (17 35 56S    145 45 31E ) – We use this one. DMS
Lat/ Long -minutes-decimal seconds (17 35.933 145 45.517) DMM

The Camps Australia Wide & Caravan Parks Australia Wide books use Lat./ Long –minutes-seconds, or DMS  ( ddd mm ss )    Generally you will find that most GPS units have the above three settings, so if you want to input our GPS coordinates for a site into your GPS you must have the right setting selected. Entering our coordinates into another setting will result in incorrect directions and you will not access the correct site.

Camps Australia Wide site Point of Interest  (POI) files have been created for some of the popular GPS brands, these files only match the Camps 8 sites and when loaded into your GPS will allow quick select for your GPS to direct you to your selected site. See our shopping cart for information on POI’s.  As always take care when following directions from your GPS as they tend to want to take short cuts, so use common sense when following the directions given.

Why do the site numbers change with each edition?

As a new book is only released every 2 years there are always changes to listings during that time and we also add new sites and delete closed and unsuitable sites. As the format of the numbers follows a highway, when we come to printing the next edition the numbers all have to be realigned.

Why aren’t coastal and city caravan parks listed in the Camps book?

These premium locations tend to charge much more than $25.00 p/n for a powered site so they are over the cost parameters for being listed in the Camps book.

There are however, some remote parks and Stations that we do list with a $+ symbol in the camps book. This is either because there is no other choice in that location or the facility is unique.

What is the difference between the Camps book and the Caravan Parks book?

The Camps book is aimed at free, low cost camping, plus rest areas that allow overnight parking, national and state parks, showground camping, hotel and pub camping ,  the only caravan parks listed in it are  low cost council parks and smaller remote town parks that were under $25.00 per night for a powered site when we went to print.

The Caravan Parks book lists only caravan parks no matter what the cost.

What is the difference between the Camps A4 book and the Camps B4 with CampSnaps book with photos?

The text and maps inside the books are identical.

The difference is that in the B4 with CampSnaps, where we have a photo of an overnight site we have placed that photo alongside the text.

This gives you a visual perception of the location. To view the difference visit our sample pages.

How do you deliver books purchased from the Camps web site?

We use Australia Post for all shipping in Australia; standard postage is FREE when you purchase a book from us. It generally takes between 5 to 9 working days for delivery.

Note: for WA delivery time take between 9 and 14 days.

Express Post is available for a fee for urgent deliveries.

How often is a new edition of Camps Australia Wide released?

We release a new edition of Camps Australia Wide every 2 years. Camps 9 was released in February 2017.

Camps 10th Edition will be on sale late February  2019