Tap on the filter icon found on the right hand side of the map

The key site catorgories on the map Day use only, Overnight camping, Carvan parks, Dump points & Information centres are automatily on and shown in blue.

To filter by site catorgorie tap on the type(s) of site(s) you want to remove , they will turn gray keep, then tap ‘Apply Filter’ , now only the site catogories in blue will display on the map.

For example, to only see overnight camping sites – tap the “other site catorgaries” boxs at the top and then tap the “Apply Filter” box at the bottom of the page. You will now see only overnight sites on the map. Use the same process if you only want to see caravan parks or day use only sites. You can apply multiple filters at the same time.

To clear a filter or multiple filters, tap the box(es) to turn them off (grey) and then tap the “Reset Filters” than “Apply Filter” box. These sites will once again appear on the map.

You can further refine your search by filtering by facilities.To turn on a facilities filter, tap the symbol and the filter will change from grey to coloured and “Must Have” will appear in the box. For example if you only want to see sites with toilets, tap the “Toilet” box to select ten tap the “Apply Filter” box. Now, only sites with toilets will appear. You can have more than one filter on at a time. Simply select all the facilities you would like to have included in your search before hitting the Apply Filter box.

To clear all the filters, tap “Reset Filters” then “Apply Filter”. All sites will again show on the map.