Family Travel Games: CAMPS Spotto

Family Travel Games - CAMPS Spotto

We’ve been playing this for years in our family……following the grand tradition of car trips with the Aulds. Four siblings would be vying for the first “spotting” of cat/dog/cow/kangaroo (sign OK) etc…all for a few cents a find! A car trip full of peace and quiet was well worth the price of some scrap paper and a few coins.

Here are a few to get you started.

  • surfboard on a car
  • police car
  • boat
  • brumbies (extra if live)
  • fire station
  • windmill
  • campervan
My favourite - Belted Galloways, spotted just after we landed in Launceston, Tasmania outside historic Evandale
My favourite - Belted Galloways, spotted just after we landed in Launceston, Tasmania outside historic Evandale
  • Friesian cow
  • playground
  • person on a tractor
  • train
  • Aussie flag
  • star
  • 100 speed sign (this will frustrate them!)
  • caravan
  • digger
  • P plate driver
  • camera
  • horseshoe
A dog and cat on the same sign - double cents!
A dog and cat on the same sign - double cents!
  • HiWay 1 sign (or similar)
  • strawberry
  • motorbike
  • aeroplane
  • bicycle (double coin if person on it)
  • red truck
  • purple car
  • ute with a big sticker
  • chicken
  • for sale sign
  • kangaroo
Wombat signs on the Tarkine Road, Tasmania
Wombat signs on the Tarkine Road, Tasmania

You can spot any version: live/drawings/signs/images of the item. Adults may like to team up with the youngest in the car for fairer odds. Never mind if no one spots the item, just leave it on the table. It is great for memory retention and visual acuity, but most of all it is fun. Not good if you have some sleeping (can be noisy!) and if you have seriously competitive children you can divide the list up so only each of them can spot certain allotted ones.

I read out each item on my list, and have the kids write out their own words – ready to tick off. I needed to have new ones ready to add – 5 at a time, as the spotting is done. 

You can even consider a collaborative approach – spotting them all as a team. But I would wager, there will still be bickering. On a positive note, it does while away the time.

You can adjust your lists depending on your location for the day – for instance,  an anthill at Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory. Golf courses in The Nullarbor, and “Big Things” like Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana or the Big Merino in Goulburn, New South Wales.

You’ll be ready for a break (or have arrived at your destination) after these are done. Let us know how it went for you – or if you can recommend additions for future lists. Happy spotting!

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