Doolena Gorge – a Western Australia free camp by the water

WA Doolena Gorge - Photo Credit Denhym Kelly-Wilson @denhym from Instagram
Photo credit: Denhym Kelly-Wilson @denhymn from Instagram

Who knew that only half an hour from Marble Bar, the hottest place in Australia – there was a waterhole to cool down in?

Doolena Gorge is shaded by trees and the cliffs most of the day, so perfect for a swim. Follow walking tracks to the next creek or climb up to the waterfall.

If you are camping here, make sure you arrive in time – dusk is a must, this is when the sun lights up the cliff face.

Facilities are non-existent, but pets are welcome. Access this camp only during dry weather.

This camp spot is 109 km south east of the Great Northern Hwy or 34 km north of the Marble Bar turn off.

Turn south on a dirt track on the Port Hedland side of the river, for 1.5 km. Watch for overhanging trees.

This is  WA site 640 in CAMPS 10 or if you have our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App as well – simply go to the map or list and search with the site name!

WA Doolena Gorge - Photo Credit Matt McTaggart
Photo Credit Matt McTaggart



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