Cunningham Highway (The Pocket) Reserve, Queensland

Cunningham Highway (The Pocket) Reserve is free, pet friendly with a bonus of water views and birdlife.

It was our first night camping of our Outback Queensland trip, and we were on route to Cloncurry – via Goondiwindi, Carnarvon Gorge, Winton, Longreach, and more.

Our youngest, a 15-year-old, was watching a footy game – as he was in our local footy tipping comp. We turned off the highway, and as we drove a couple of hundred metres down to the water, he and his brother squealed – it’s SOS only, Dad. They were talking about their mobile range.

Of course, we were stopping in at lots of places to check them for our books and app, and thought we would end up at Yelarbon or Texas for the night.

They protested again. Heatley parked. We both stepped out to the riverbank. Then looked at each other, and sighed. He said: we’re level – we’re stopping. It was the boy’s turn to sigh.

We had a perfect night. Only one other camper – tucked around a corner. Definitely no frills – just some concrete picnic tables, and fireplaces marked out.

We should have brought the fishing rods – Whetstone Weir is stocked with golden perch, Murray cod and silver perch and suitable for small vessels and paddlecraft.

No matter, they cranked up the BBQ and we enjoyed a feast in front of the campfire. I walked up to the road, where it is well signed – there is a 14-day limit.

So close, we did receive a couple of honks from passing truckies – no doubt, spotting our fire.

Photographers and bird enthusiasts would also find much to like about the location.

It was an early start (thanks to the birds) – but time enough to enjoy a cooked breakfast, warming our toes by the fire, slowly waking up to the Macintyre Brook River before we were off auditing more sites.

Those ‘SOS only’ sites, away from civilisation – they really are the best!

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