7 BEST Packing Tips for Camping Trips in Australia

CAMPS BEST Packing Tips Nyah Rec Ground, VIC on the Murray River
Nyah Rec Ground, VIC on the Murray River

Do you need our best packing tips for camping? If you hate getting ready for road trips, I’ll say you are with the majority!

I love anticipating the trip, but it is hard work actually preparing for each adventure. In fact, it generally leads to cross words. Very cross!

Here’s some camping know-how we’ve learnt the hard way, for making this stage of your adventure a little easier.

1. Have dedicated gear

If you are a newbie to camping, then gradually build up to this. However, anything that is ready to go – or already packed in the RV, makes a quick getaway just that – quick!

When we travelled with a tent, we would have big storage containers ready with all our camping gear. Organised friends would label the container and have listed what is in each one. A great idea for families.

With our RV – all the staples are there – I just add perishable foods, our clothes and update my books and puzzles.

Old towels, tablecloths, hand towels and tea towels are returned straight back in the van after a wash. Beach towels and bed linen, as well.

After a big trip, I check toiletries and staples in the van and top up if needed.

2. Keep it to the season

Of course, if depends on your trip. If you are off to a tropical destination, then maybe you won’t need a parka or an extra blanket?

A snow trip? Pack the woolly gear rather than singlets.

Regardless, I always bring a pair of togs – because you never know. Even though it was winter, there were hot mineral baths along our way.

After our last winter trip, I will always bring a pair of shorts. There were so many days they would have been helpful. Even in summer, our bath robes are handy – and they give extra warmth in winter.

Even in winter I still bring the uggies and a beanie. They are great for avoiding insects after a shower – and it often cools down at night.

3. Everyone helps!

Give everyone in the family a role. Even the young ones can start packing their own items – and depending on age – this may need a checking over before they go in the bag.

Here’s more tips for families.

4. Foldable bags

We travel with big foldable bags – like the ones from Ikea. That way, if we stop over at a friend’s place, have a night out glamping or sneak in a motel stay – you can easily pile the gear you need for a night. Better still, these big bags are light and fold easily away under our bed.

5. Use rectangles and squares

They make the best use of limited space. So if you are thinking food containers, buckets, storage bins – go for ones with corners, rather than curves.

And yes, I do use storage containers inside cupboards. It means I am not always on the floor, trying to find this or that. I also have a small storage basket for my “bedside table”. It hold my glass cases – so the specs aren’t squashed, lip gloss, hand cream, tissues and a small bottle of water.

This last trip to the NSW South Coast and Victoria’s East Gippsland and High Country – I found some ideas for fridge storage. For our next trip, across the centre from QLD to WA’s Pilbara, I’ll pack our vegetable and salad items into rectangular plastic containers. Previously, I’ve been using shopping bags – but some items kept disappearing! I also love the little onion/tomato/avocado/citrus containers to use for produce you have already cut into.

6. Opt for nesting cups/bowls

You can save a LOT of space when your bowls fit snugly inside each other. You can purchase saucepans like this, too. Look for this with mugs or cups and food containers. Collapsible containers are also popular for campers.

7. Give everything a place

This will become easier, the more often you camp. Finding a home for every item, not only makes it easier to pack, it means they are easier to find. For instance – we have a hook for each key, a “purse” for jewellery, a drawer for the medicines, and a games drawer.

Also use a packing check list. Here’s some more packing ideas from the previous CAMPS Owner…

A final tip – make sure you pack your CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE guide and App! Happy travels!



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