Camping is back on the agenda!

Hi everyone, we hope you Mums were spoiled terribly. It’s an exciting week for those of us that have been housebound, with changes daily in restrictions depending where you live. Campers in some states are out there living the dream already, within limitations of the COVID-19 regulations. 

RV travellers will be pleased with the three-step roadmap – as local and regional travel is planned initially, opening up to eventual interstate travel. 

As I write, from May 15 in Queensland we can look forward to dining out, further travel to 150km and in Outback Queensland up to 500km. Then from June 12, holiday travel (hurrah, camping, too!) in the region is an option. 

Of course it all depends on how well we follow regulations. So please keep up the self distancing and washing those hands and PLAN your trips. I can’t wait to return to our Double Island Point backyard (pictured) and other National Parks, too! 

We haven’t been sitting on our laurels, we are taking this time to research new and exciting camps and destinations to discover when things are back to the new “normal” and we can all travel again! 

This week I spoke to the manager at Mikkira Station, in South Australia.  We loved the Eyre Peninsula and stayed at Coffin Bay and Port Lincoln. I’d love to go back and experience what is in between. Read about it below, and another iconic route – the Tanami Track plus a reader’s story from a little known area in New South Wales. We add one of our favourite treks, a recipe and where you can sleep by a lighthouse! 

Thanks to all you who have added images to the Camps Australia Wide App. Remember it is available on the free 3-day trial right now. Please keep it up. We’d love to see your reviews of the camp sites, too please. As a big thank you to all our readers, we are gifting you with a present! If you haven’t requested it yet, download your free 101 Bucket List Must Dos for travellers in Australia today – or get it in Messenger – and happy planning ..



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