Caravan Parks in Albany, Western Australia

A good percentage of camping and caravanning travellers stop at Caravan Parks in Australia. There are thousands to choose from, and you do not need to be self-sufficient. This means they are suitable for all types of camping, from swags, rooftop tents, tents, camper trailers, campers, motorhomes and caravans. 

Few have room for Big Rigs, however caravan parks also offer cabins or glamping. Many caravan parks are located in idyllic spots – close to town or beachside. 

Many campers start their adventures in caravan parks as you have familiar comforts and facilities from home. Families can seek out extra attractions like water parks, jumping pillows and playgrounds – which means you can enjoy a get together and not even leave the park!  

Just use the symbols or the filters to find them in our comprehensive guide books and Camps Australia Wide App!

Here’s a preview of campsites and caravan parks we have found with 30 years of research! Happy camping…

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BEST Gibb River Road Gorges

The BEST Gibb River Road Gorges and which one is our favourite

Before we started the Gibb River Road, I did not realise how many safe swimming spots there were! Most of our days were spent “getting wet” at spectacular waterfalls and cool swimming holes. There are dozens more gorges to explore along the Gibb, here are our 6 BEST Gorges along the Gibb River Road! Plus we disclose our very favourite, read why we rate Manning Gorge and the campground… Windjana Gorge View Windjana Gorge I heard it was over-rated, but I loved camping at Windjana Gorge under a “Devonian Reef”, spotting crocs and hiking with the sunrise and sunset… Emma

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Why Manning Gorge is our our favourite campsite

Why Manning Gorge is our favourite campsite and waterfall on the Gibb River Road

Manning Gorge has to be one of our favourite places on the Gibb River Road.           However, I can’t say it is my favourite hike! However it does have a bonus, read on to see why we reckon this spot is a must see in The Kimberley, Western Australia. 1.  The hike starts with a swim! That’s right, a bit of a novelty – place your gear in a halved 44 gallon drum and push it across the creek! Although you can wade through most, there is a section where walking is not an option. Years ago, the owners had a

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Michelle at Windjana Gorge

Camp, Hike and Crocs at Windjana Gorge on Western Australia’s Gibb River Road

The local ranger said Windjana Gorge has 162 freshwater crocodiles! If you are travelling the Gibb River Road it is the first national park from the west and last from east in the famed Kimberley region. Set in the Bandilngan Windjana Gorge National Park (so no dogs) there is a generator area and “quiet” area. We are very impressed – hot showers and flushing loos! Remember you may need to BYO loo paper. Windjana Gorge has two walks, both are best in the cool of the day – early morning or late afternoon: The Savannah Trail (Class 3) 1km loop

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Tunnel Creek

You only need 4 things to hike Tunnel Creek, on Western Australia’s Gibb River Road – and where to camp

We’ve just hiked (swam!) Tunnel Creek,  just off the Gibb River Road in Western Australia’s Kimberley region – Dimalurru (Tunnel Creek) National Park. Here’s everything you need to know and bring! My adrenaline is still pumping. Good reasons, for that. It is known as a freshwater crocodile spot, friends who walked it the other day said they saw their beady eyes in the torch light. Us? Well we forgot our headlamp, and made do with light from the phone and our kind fellow hikers. So no crocs spotted from us. What to bring? Togs Reef shoes (or something you are

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Nillibubbica Rest Area (between Broome and Derby)

Top camping tips from the Kimberley!

There is no doubt about it, I love the land of the boabs – it is SOOO heartwarming to be back in The Kimberley, Western Australia! So we thought we’d share our tips so far. Right now, we’re on the Gibb River Road. We’ve been so chuffed with travellers introducing themselves and saying “Thank you!” – for the App, CAMPS 12 or Pendium… It is a real thrill to both of us, and makes all the hard work worthwhile, knowing our guides are helping you experience our beautiful country. Thanks, too, to everyone who has given us a sterling google

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Views at Barn Hill Station, WA

All you need to know about Barn Hill Station

Our first time at Barn Hill Station and we are impressed with this station stay. The unpowered cliff sites or ocean view sites do just that – Indian Ocean views that go on forever! With red cliffs against the blue ocean that the Kimberley is famous for. Here’s a few tips if you are planning a trip here: 1.  Do. I mean do add this place to your trip plan and do book a site. We didn’t book ahead, and we nabbed a $17.50 per person overflow site on “Northshore Rd” that still has ocean views – between vans, that

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