Preston Beach

Preston Beach
Recreational vehicles may use this area for 48 hours only. The time period of stay and the next period, by the same recreational vehicle, is 5 consecutive nights.Recreational Vehicles (RV) must be a caravan, bus, coach or similar that is designed and used for recreational use that are: Fitted with an operable integrated black water waste system with a holding tank; and A grey water waste system that is capable of capturing grey water without it being deposited on the ground (an integrated holding tank is not required). The following conditions apply to all three sites: The time frame between one period of stay and the next period by the same RV is 5 consecutive nights; Erecting a fixed annex is not permitted; Clotheslines external to an RV are not permitted; Accessing any power outlet is not permitted; and Camp or cooking fires are prohibited at all times.

Suitable for

Popular Features

Picnic Table
Pets Allowed
Mobile Reception
Swimming Nearby
Children’s Playground
Beside Road

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