3 O'Clock Creek Camp

3 O'Clock Creek Camp
This bore water is the last place to fill up on drink�ing water before you cross the desert. The bush camp�ing area at 3 O�Clock Creek offers shady camp�ing spots and water. Access: 4WD only. Suit�able for: tents, camper trail�ers and caravans. Facil�i�ties: water avail�able from the bore, pic�nic table. Camp�fires: not allowed. Unal�lo�cat�ed camp�ground: 20 vehi�cles maximum. Elec�tric�i�ty: unpowered. Witjira National Park features more than 120 mound springs. The park includes the National Heritage-listed Dalhousie Springs, used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years as a source of food, shelter and medicine. You can swim in the main spring�s warm waters. The area is home to unique species of fish such as the Dalhousie hardyhead and other rare aquatic life found nowhere else in the world. The attraction of the springs, combined with some delightful camping spots and quality visitor facilities, make Witjira one of the most popular parks in the outback. If you're lucky enough to be visiting the park a few weeks after a soaking rain, you'll be rewarded with the ephemeral wildflowers bursting into bloom.

Suitable for

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Picnic Table
No Pets
Non - Potable Water

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