Searys Creek

Searys Creek
On your way into or out of Rainbow Beach, stop for a restful picnic and even a swim in the cool creek at this easy-to-get-to and popular day-use area. Lounge over lunch in the shade of cypress pines and she-oaks then take a short stroll along Seary's Creek boardwalk to a cool, freshwater creek for a refreshing dip. Learn about Patrick Seary, a timber-getter from the 1860s who explored this region which now bears his name.In the warmer months enjoy the sight of colour wildflowers in bloompink (boronias), white (blueberry ashes) and yellow (banksias and wattles)and watch for birds such as friarbirds, kookaburras and honeyeaters.

Suitable for


Popular Features

Picnic Table
No Pets
Non - Potable Water
Mobile Reception
Swimming Nearby
Beside Road

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