Calamari, dogs and thank goodness school is back!

Squid - What a feed - fresh from Tin Can Bay Inlet!
What a feed - fresh from Tin Can Bay Inlet!

School holidays are over for us in Queensland (where beanies and parkas aren’t often required),  and Victoria.  Holidays have just started in the ACT but still a week left across the rest of Australia. I have been loving our family dinners, and nourishing our boys with their favourite meals.

Beef stroganoff, BBQ steak, pork roast with crackling, butter chicken, golden syrup dumplings, chocolate brownies and even a breakfast of corn fritters were all surpassed by a local catch.

Friends arrived from Berri in South Australia on the same day our 15 year old and his mate brought home a bucket of beautiful squid. And yes, they were cleaned and ready to cook. An assembly line was quickly engineered and moved them through the flour, egg and breadcrumbs and in and out of the pan, cooked to perfection. What a calamari welcome.

He has spent many more days out on the water these holidays, and the others have been beaching and bushwalking. Our dog has loved having them home and the extra walks.

As we a updating our data on all the Caravan Parks book around Australia, one of the main things that change is if sites are pet friendly. We had a disgruntled traveller who said the caravan park put him in the section called “Siberia” because of his pooch, and other parks don’t allow animals during peak times. Other travellers are actively looking for pet free parks. Pets may be allowed with conditions, and others on application.

We are considering adding another category to Pets Allowed and Pets Not Allowed – called Pets Seasonal. We are interested to hear your thoughts?

And now, I can focus on finding more sites and changes… and after all those feasts, the gym!

If you would like to find out more about budget and free camping sites throughout Australia you may enjoy the following resources. These cover thousands of great sites for people looking for low cost and free camping. They also help you find pet friendly sites quickly and easily.

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