Book in for bunnies, bilbies, eggs and chicks for Easter Holiday Camping

We are just back from our NT trip for a mate’s 60th birthday! Although I love visiting Darwin, the highlight for all of us was Litchfield National Park. It was the first time we have seen it in the wet season – here’s why we thought it was a fantastic time to visit and what was open

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This Easter email takes you to an usual farm under the Warrumbungles, NSW, and two farm stays – one in the beautiful Margaret River region of WA (our kids had a ball here) and the other in the Mulga of outback Queensland. Not far from here you can get up close to a cute outback marsupial, who is Australia’s Easter edible.

Then we travel with you to two border rivers – both camps are free. Plus, a bonus of a bunny recipe, part of a camping Easter tradition! 

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