Better than an Easter Bunny – visit the Charleville Bilby Experience, Queensland

Image from Save the Bilby Fund
Image from Save the Bilby Fund

Have you seen the Charleville Bilby Experience must-see show? Tour the nocturnal house (where they alter the timing so that the bilby’s night is during our day) and see some super cute bilbies during their night-time activities.

After an engaging talk by a keeper you will understand more about the plight of this delightful eco-engineer and exactly why they are worth saving from extinction.

The Save the Bilby Fund has been working hard on the breeding facility in Charleville and they have produced over 50 babies in the last couple of years.

Image from Save the Bilby Fund
Image from Save the Bilby Fund

Management of the pairings (ensuring genetic diversity) means that they are helping build up the bilby populations across Australia with the intent of insuring them against extinction.

Protecting bilbies and their environments mean that many many other native Australian species (some not as cute as our bilbies!) will also be saved. 

Lastly, round off your visit by purchasing a bilby souvenir in the gift shop – all bilby souvenirs and donations benefit the work of the Save the Bilby Fund. Or become a Mate of the Bilby and support them all year round.

DAILY SHOW: Bookings are essential.

Phone: 07 4656 8359


Now if you are looking for places to camp in Charleville – you can choose from three caravan parks and a bush camp. There is another caravan park, camp and free rest areas outside town. find them all in the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App and guides.

Charlevillle is part of Queensland’s Natural Science Loop a road trip with a whole lot to offer.

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