Be prepared when travelling with your pet

Whether a park is pet friendly or not is something many travellers want to know. Some want to avoid pets and seek parks without them and other can’t do without their beloved animals, and book accordingly.

We don’t want you to be disappointed – so please read page 9 of CARAVAN PARKS 4, it reads:

“It is highly recommended that you contact the park prior to deciding to use the park, as some parks limit the animal size and only permit animals in off-peak periods. Management reserve the right to amend the park’s policy at no notice (and often do!) so to avoid any disappointment make a phone call.”

In CAMPS 9, on page 12 it mentions some operators may require a fee or a bond as part of the entry into the camp area.

“As a general rule pets must always be on a lead, and must never be left unattended. As always, clean up after your pet!”

Page 15 in CAMPS 9 continues, “apart from National Parks and some Caravan Parks, pets are generally accepted, provided they are under control by their owner. Dogs especially need to be under control, particularly around other dogs or people”.

We have listed the same site – with caravan park on one side and camp area on the other – and one allowed pets and the other does not! Of course, this is at the discretion of owners.

If you do find changes to pet policies (and you can check our updates on the website to update your book before you travel), please let us know, so we can change the listing. Although the new caravan book won’t come out until late this year – we do change our app and highlight important changes to sites on our website (and pet friendly symbol is something that we do alert people to changes) – see updating this book, page 10 of CARAVAN PARKS 4 or page 9 of CAMPS 9.

Ask to be added to our newsletter list if you are not receiving them already, it is another way we let people know about new sites and changes.

If you would like to find out more about budget and free camping sites throughout Australia you may enjoy the following resources. These cover thousands of great sites for people looking for low cost and free camping. They also help you find pet friendly sites quickly and easily.

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