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Farm Tour in St. George Keith Skinner

‘Freedom Explorers’ part 4: Charleville, Queensland to Moree, New South Wales

The conclusion of Keith Skinner’s ‘Dig Tree’/ ‘Natural Sciences Loop’ road trip takes another twist in the road, CAMPS sites he recommends and where you can eat some more top pies! by Keith Skinner St George Next day I drove on to St George, via Mitchell and stayed at the Pelican Rest Tourist Park (Caravan Parks Australia Wide, site 435). The park has a pool and green grass, things I had missed so far on my trip. I visited the St George Information Centre and found a local cotton farmer takes visitors on farm tours (again only on Thursdays). I

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Charleville Evening Star Tourist Park image Keith Skinner

‘Freedom Explorers’ part 3: Yowah to Charleville, Queensland

The next instalment of Keith Skinner’s trip in Outback Queensland, leads quick decisions on route changes, two stops with free damper and some top ‘must-dos’ along the way! Noccundra Hotel Yowah to Noccundra by Keith SkinnerNext day found me on the road again (as the song goes) and I was heading for the Noccundra Hotel and the free camp at Wilson River, just a short dirt track down from the pub (Camps 10, site 984). But I was met with clouds of Bull Dust around the river bank. Camper trailers and a van or two that were there were all

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Dinner and Duck races

‘Freedom Explorers’ part 2: Brisbane to Yowah, Queensland

We love receiving traveller’s stories. Keith Skinner’s Dig Tree Trip in August 2019, is a little different. The second blog is when Keith begins the trip itself – with Dinner and Duck races – and flies! by Keith Skinner Some of you will have read my first Freedom Explorers blog covering the planning that I put into my August 2019 trip from Brisbane, Queensland to Innamincka, South Australia. This Blog will cover the trip itself including points of interest (POI), some funny things that happened on the trip, and how the weather affected my trip. Brisbane to St GeorgeDeparting from

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Keith on the Road Car and Van

‘Freedom Explorers’ part 1: Trip planning

We love receiving traveller’s stories. Keith Skinner’s Dig Tree Trip in August 2019, is a little different. The first blog is all about the planning, where he outlines his methods and way of travelling this enormous and amazing land. Part 1 by Keith Skinner If you’re my type; the type I’ll call Freedom Explorers then I would suggest we share some small gene pool found only in the DNA of the explorers who opened up this great land; those who looked for adventure and excitement by travelling unknown pathways.  Well, unknown to them. I’m not talking here about the holiday

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Camping Tips

How to plan THE best camping and RV trips

Beautiful Tasmania What do you need to know about trip planning? Here is more ‘how-to” in our “Camping 101” series.  When you are building an itinerary it can all seem a little daunting. There is a lot to decide – how far to travel each day, types of campgrounds and importantly just how many days, weeks or months you can escape for! Making an itinerary is STEP 4 of our new year reset and travel goals. If you missed them, we recommend you check dates and set travel goals and build a wishlist. I like to set it all down

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Thargomindah HYDRO

Thargomindah, Queensland – a little town with an Aussie first!

Do you know the FIRST place in Australia to produce hydro electricity? It wasn’t the Snowy Hydro Scheme, or near a city. Thargomindah – a tiny town in the south west corner of Queensland claims it was not only the first town in Australia, impressively, it was third in the world! Drilling began in 1891, with the bore struck in 1893. Hydro-electric powered the street lighting from 1898-1951 by using the water pressure from the Artesian Basin. This Artesian Hydro Power Plant is believed to be the oldest working unit in Australia, and possibly the world! You can see close up a windmill and a decommissioned oil “donkey”. You can

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Eulo, home of Diprotodon
Bucket List

Bucket List: Queensland’s Natural Sciences Loop

Eulo, home of Diprotodon Just back from our winter travels, our plan was to spend most of our time in NSW. Covid has shelved that for a while, instead we drove further west and took on Queenland’s Natural Sciences Loop!  I like my hot baths – what a delight to stop into Charlotte Plains Station (906) 46 km east of Cunnamulla, and have a soak in their soothing artesian waters. I enjoyed a nag with plenty of travellers, including the owner’s family. School holidays meant camping was very popular, but you have a huge area to spread out. The waters

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Yelarbon Silo Art - image credit: Hugh Gilmore

10 Lockdown boredom busters for frustrated campers

Yelarbon Silo Art – image credit: Hugh Gilmore We are feeling for you Victorians! And anyone who is in ‘iso’ again. You’ve had a taste of freedom after our first lockdown, nationwide – but it has become tougher. With only essential businesses open in some locations, and limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, we thought of a list that might help you through these coming days. Lockdown Boredom Buster #1 Trip planning Time to pull out the CAMPS 10 and Caravan Parks 5 books and plot those trips you haven’t yet travelled. Make a list of possible routes you’d like to embark on

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