3 budget camps at Arthur River and Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, Tasmania

Prickly Wattle Campground, Arthur River, Tasmania

Here’s three camps in the wilds at Arthur River, in the Tarkine of Tasmania’s north west. They are all pet friendly, shaded, with toilets and firepits. Suitable for tents, camper trailers, motorhomes and caravans.

Manuka Campground, Arthur River, Tasmania
Manuka Campground, Arthur River, Tasmania

Manuka Campground

You’ll find it one kilometre north of Arthur River. This is the most open and largest campground of the three. It is suitable for Big Rigs and the toilets are disability friendly. It also has beach and boat ramp access.

Peppermint Campground, Arthur River, Tasmania
Peppermint Campground, Arthur River, Tasmania

Peppermint Campground

This small campground is central to town, on the north side of the bridge, next to the Ranger Station and opposite the only store in town.

These are serviced sites, with $20 a night for two adults. Or $75 per week! Children are free. Single rates are available.

Prickly Wattle

At one kilometre south of Arthur River you will find four entry points on the coast side of the road. Entry 2 and 3 are the easiest for caravans. There is also access to a boat ramp.

Prickly Wattle is an unserviced site – only $9 per night for a couple or $40 per week. Other sites along the coast like these include Nelson Bay, and 4WD accessible Stinking Beach and Camp Elsewhere. Concessions are available for weekly rates. No bookings required.

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Manuka Campground Amenities, Arthur River, Tasmania
Manuka Campground Amenities, Arthur River, Tasmania



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