2 free pet friendly Murray River camps at Walker Flat, South Australia

I really did walk 9km to see these two FREE Murray River camps at Walkers Flat, SA! Then we floated past in the paddleboat.

Turns out, Walker Flat is a protected section of the river. Big paddleboats (and we were holidaying in the biggest in the southern hemisphere – the Murray Princess) don’t fare too well with winds and the forecast wasn’t great. However, walks were an option – so off my sister and I explored with the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App and CAMPS Pendium.

Hettner Landing 

You’ll drive past Lake Bywater to get to this camp. Swans were out on the lake, too, and other birdlife – what a treat! So there are plenty of fishing options! 

This free camp is just a 100 metres or so from the Walker Flat General Store. The store is also a service station where you can swap your gas bottles, alcohol, takeaways, groceries and ice and was open as we walked by. In fact, it is open 7 days.

Use the track opposite Walker Flat Road down to the landing.

And well done to Walker Flat Progress Association for providing weights for tents, and the lovely grassy area beside the water.

It is also well shaded, with some sites marked out with boulders.

There were a few caravans parked up when we dropped by the other day.

This area is quite spacious and secluded, much of the surface is dirt. It backs onto private property.

If you walk or drive further, you’ll come to a lookout. Next time!

Only a few hundred metres down the river – towards the ferry, you’ll find a second free camp.

Both camps are spacious, pet friendly, have flushing toilets, BBQs, picnic shelters and water views! What more could you want?

Walker Flat Boat Ramp 

To reach this free camp, we walked along a lovely isthmus with the river on one side and the lake on the other.

Although the Walker Flat ferry was operating, the cafe/servo was closed (it is not open every day).

Check on Suzy’s grave…

and see the red river cliffs opposite. It is a very pretty spot. You can walk past the public toilet, or take the road. Travel about a kilometre further down to the camp. 

As well as the ramp, there is a small jetty and sloping grassy area. This site is much larger, and most of the site is bitumen and car/trailer parking. However, you’ll still find nice spots beside the river.

There are a couple of covered picnic tables and one BBQ.

It is also known as Swamp Hen Reserve. There were a few parked up at this pretty spot, some had snagged a waterfront position.

Please obey any signage – find out more about these sites in the CAMPS Australia Wide App and guides.

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